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Camera Showdown: Compare Cameras Based on Real Life Performance



Snapsort has been helping folks pick out the right camera for a while now, but the team behind the useful camera comparison site wanted to do something different. And so, they’ve launched Camera Showdown, a “Pepsi challenge for cameras” that lets you compare models based on real world performance alone.

To use Camera Showdown, all you have to do is pick your two players. In our case, the contestants are the slightly older Canon 5D Mark II and the slightly dusty entry-level full-frame Nikon D600.


Once you’ve picked your cameras, clicking play will load 10 sets of Flickr images one after the other — complete with metadata for proper analysis. You simply go through and pick the image you like best (preferably based on image quality and not composition…).

Once you’re done, Camera Showdown will reveal the camera you liked best, after which you can repeat the test (like any good scientist) or click through to see what the overall results are for the two cameras from all users.


As you can see, after 60 votes/6 rounds (the website is still very new) the Mark II is edging out the D600 by a narrow margin. For now there’s not much data, but eventually, as votes pile up, Camera Showdown could turn into a very reliable, non-spec-driven way to compare cameras.

Check it out for yourself and give the “taste test” a shot. Whether you go logical (T4i vs D5100) or less so (iPhone 5 vs 5D Mark III), the results may surprise you … and that’s half the fun.