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Artist Recreates Photos by Hand Using a Simple Date Stamp

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Artist Federico Pietrella has a clever and impressive way of “printing” his photographs. After selecting one he wants to use, Pietrella recreates it by hand using nothing but a date stamp and ink. Pointillism is usually done with distinct dots, but each of Pietrella’s dots are a short row of numbers indicating the current date.

The large-scale pieces can each take up to two months to create; looking closely at small areas of the works will inform you of the exact date at which they were worked on.

Once each piece is completed, Pietrella sells them for up to €20,000, or over $25,000!

Here’s a news segment showing how Pietrella goes about creating his works:

You can find more examples of Pietrella’s work over on his website.

(via KoiKoiKoi via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Federico Pietrella

1 Comment