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Protect Your Camera Gear from Burglars by Keeping it In Your Kid’s Room


If you want to protect your pricey camera gear from burglars, one of the safest places in your house (besides a safe, of course) is one that might not be very obvious to you: your kid’s room. The Readers Digest published a simple slideshow containing home-proofing tips gleaned from the minds of convicted burglars. One interesting tip is that burglars generally don’t go into children’s rooms when hunting for valuables to steal.

There are two main reason: first, kids generally don’t have things worth stealing. A thief would much prefer a diamond necklace over a Tonka Truck. If they do pay a visit to your kid’s room, they’ll be on the lookout for high-value items that are lying out in the open (video games, electronics, etc…).

Second, the rooms are often cluttered with toys. Thieves, wanting to get in and out as quickly as possible, won’t spend time sifting through the various items in search of something worth stealing (now there’s one reason to not tell your kids to clean their rooms).

Thus, if you really want to play it safe, you might want to think about moving your collection of equipment from your closet, drawer, or shelf over to your kid’s.

What do you do to keep your gear safe at home?

(via Lifehacker)

Image credit: 1156647_kids-room by Premaman Lietuva