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SloPro App Lets You Shoot Real 60FPS Slow Motion on Your iPhone 4S


Slow-motion video is usually the territory of expensive equipment like the Miro M120. Alternatively, if you’re not looking to shoot professionally, you can always take the video you capture on your phone or regular camera and slow it down, but the results are usually choppy and (sadly) nothing you’d want to broadcast on YouTube. Fortunately, there is another way; iPhone videographers who own the 4S now have a free, fun alternative in a new app called SloPro.

The app, which is free if you don’t mind a few limitations and a water mark, lets you shoot smooth 60fps slow-motion video at 720p. You can even alternate between regular speed and slow-motion while shooting by clicking the “volume down” button, or edit the footage afterwards in-app using the built-in editor. And if watermarks and sharing to social networks isn’t your thing, a $1.99 in-app purchase will remove the mark and let you export the videos to Camera Roll or iTunes for further tweaking.

Of course it’s not a professional slow-motion camera, but for a free iPhone app you can definitely get some priceless footage of your friends biting it on, say, a FloRider…

SloPro (via Lifehacker)