Candies Photographed in Water Drops

Photographer Patrick Lindsay shot this beautiful photograph of gumballs seen through water drops. It’s similar to the MC Escher water drop photo we shared a while ago, but is much easier to create since the drops of water aren’t moving in this photo.

Here’s the setup Lindsay used:

The camera was a Canon Rebel XTi with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens attached. He used a single Alienbee B800 for lighting along with a shoot-through umbrella. Here’s his secret on how he gets the water drops to collect into beads:

I used RainX to make the water bead up and to create the drops I use a spray bottle set to very fine mist and let the drops slowly get bigger with each spray until I reached the drops were the size I wanted.

Here’s another photo that features M&Ms:

Now that you know how to capture things in drops of water, go shoot some colorful photos!

Image credit: Photographs by Patrick Lindsay and used with permission