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Online App Cooks Up Absurd Artist Statements So You Don’t Have To


An integral part of being a respectable artist is to have your artist statement be so confusing that you can’t even decipher what it means. If coming up with one of these statements requires more time or brainpower than you have on hand, then check out Instant Artist Statement, an online generator that authors a perfect statement on your behalf for you to paste all over your website, exhibitions, and portfolios. Here’s ours:

PetaPixel’s work explores the relationship between the tyranny of ageing and emotional memories.

With influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Andy Warhol, new combinations are generated from both explicit and implicit layers.

Ever since we were children, we have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the mind. What starts out as triumph soon becomes corroded into a cacophony of power, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the possibility of a new synthesis.

As spatial phenomena become clarified through boundaried and critical practice, the viewer is left with an insight into the possibilities of our future.

We’ll be replacing our “About” page with this statement soon…

Instant Artist Statement (via duckrabbit)