Video Embedded in a Printed Portfolio

In the boring old past, printed portfolios were a great way of showing off your still photographs, but any video you also wanted to show off had to be included and viewed separately from the main portfolio. Now, new technology is allowing photographers to embed video right into their portfolios, with a small LCD screen displayed right on the page.

Video-In-Print by the Los Angeles-based Americhip was already used in the first video advertisement seen in a magazine back in 2009, and now photographers can use the technology to spice up their portfolios. The photograph above shows a Video-In-Print page in a photo portfolio by Monaco Reps with 5 separate video clips.

Our Video in Print pages are actual pages with a video screen embedded into the page. They are a little thicker than the printed pages but nevertheless flip just like a portfolio page. There are several buttons on the Video in Print page that the viewer can push to see as many as five videos. We do not need to include CD’s at all and there is instant gratification. I design a page using some sort of imagery so the VIP feels like a seamless part of the portfolio. [#]

Here’s a short news segment showing Video-In-Print in action in a magazine:

You can find out more about using this for you work by filling out a sample request form at Americhip or by contacting Monaco Reps to learn how they create theirs.

Image credit: Photograph by Monaco Reps and used with permission