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This is Why Photographers Should Stay Off the Track at a Horse Race


During a horse race, the track itself probably isn’t the place you should be wandering in order to snap the perfect action shot. Even if racers do tend to stay toward the inside of the track, things don’t always go as expected. A photographer in Finland learned this lesson the hard way this past week.
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Bride Thrown from Horse During Photo Shoot

Here’s an example in which having a “YOLO” attitude during a photo shoot turned out to be a very bad idea. Photographer Jarrett Hucks was photographing a soon-to-be bride on a beach when a group of equestrians rode by. The client decided that “since you only live once,” she wanted a photo of herself riding a horse. What happened next is captured in the video above.
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What It’s Like Shooting the Kentucky Derby with Getty


This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to shoot the Kentucky Derby with the Getty team.
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Emotive Portraits of Majestic Horses

“All the Wild Horses” is a photo series by South African photographer Andrew McGibbon that consists of beautiful studio portraits of horses. McGibbon writes,

For thousands of years the horse has been mankind’s closest ally. The horse made travel and development possible. We tethered, weighted and reigned them. We captured, stabled and trained them.

Ever willing, the horse was the magnificent tool of man’s ingenuity. The Horse is a beast of legend, taking on its own character, personality, emotion and mythology. However, with the advent of the steam engine the horse was made obsolete, and now they are resigned to the realm of shows and races, a world of equestrian sport, a mere shadow of the beast’s former glory.

McGibbon says painstakingly lit each shot in a manner reminiscent of the portraiture of the rich and famous.
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Found Photos Turned into a “Snap Motion” Animation

Cassandra C. Jones created the above tribute to Eadweard Muybridge’s horse motion studies by sifting through 5,000 digital photographs to find 12 that matched the frames in his study. Jones then looped the 12 images in an animation, resulting in a “snap motion” video of a horse galloping.

The photographs that are included in each Snap Motion Re-Animation come from around the world and are taken by different photographers. I collect them from friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers, stock photography agencies, photo exchanges, thrift stores, private collections, want adds, eBay and the public domain archives of the US Army, NOAA and NASA.

Check out more of Jones’ work here.

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Update: This is very similar to the stop motion video Blipfoto made with thousands of photos of people in various countries.