Rumored Canon Questionnaires Hint at Possible Medium Format Future


Rumors that Canon is looking to jump into the medium format game have been circulating for years now, but the mill has been quiet for a while on that front. Well, quiet until today, that is.

According to Northlight Images, they have been told that questionnaires are being sent out by Canon to ‘key users,’ and for the first time ever, those questionnaires include questions about medium format systems.


It’s worth noting that most of the questions still revolved around DSLRs and Video, but the fact that Canon is supposedly asking ‘key users’ to weigh in on “image quality, usage scenarios and lens requirements” in regards to medium format is certainly notable.

For more Canon Medium Format rumor goodness, check out our previous coverage on the matter, and be sure to stay tuned so we can keep you up to date as more concrete facts surface.

  • Matt

    I hope they do it, get some more manufactures in MF. Good for all, IMO. But, I think I would go with the Pentax because of the weather sealing and the amount of existing lenses for it.

  • Emil Nyström

    I do too, this will drive prices at least a bit down. I think canon entering the market is just what we need. I hope they do it with CCD sensor and not CMOS.

  • SDP

    I’d buy one if the price is right, This will be great for my line of work.

  • David D

    Honest question (no snark): Why would you prefer that they go with CCD over CMOS? It would seem that the wider ISO range of CMOS would make going that direction more appealing than CCD.