Pic Nix Lets You Anonymously Make Fun of Your Instagram Friends… Using a Robot

We all have those friends. The ones that post ridiculous amounts of the most cliché Instagram photos. If only there was a way you could somehow point this out to them, anonymously and with a healthy dose of passive aggression… Well, now there is (or rather was… see update) thanks to a service called Pic Nix.

Pic Nix is a free online service that allows you to subtly and anonymously call out your friends for committing the most heinous of Instagram crimes. Created by ad agency Allen & Gerritsen, using Pic Nix is simple: just enter the name of the offender, choose from their list of 16 offenses, select one of the pre-written captions and submit your request.

The actual creation of the message is only half of it though. The most interesting part of the process is what happens behind the scenes, after you submit your request. Once submitted, your message goes into a queue, ready to be created. Why a queue though? Because every message is sent out by a robot the ad group has called Silent B.O.B.


This machine uses a stylus attached to an Arduino-powered motor setup to interact with Instagram the same way your or I would. Once the photo has been set up, a bluetooth keyboard emulator types out the caption you selected and Silent B.O.B. makes a final tap of the screen to post the shaming Instagram.

Within a few minutes, the victim(s) of your choosing will receive a notification showing they’ve been tagged in an Instagram post — a passive aggressive Instagram post created by Pic Nix at your behest. And since it’s posted through Pic Nix’s own Instagram, your name is nowhere to be found, keeping your assertive insults anonymous as can be.

Considering how much coverage Pic Nix has gotten over the past few days, you might have to wait a while for your request to be posted, but hopefully it’s worth it if that friend stops posting so many darn cat photos.

(via The Verge)

Update: After the amount of publicity the app received, Pic Nix has been taken offline by Instagram. Click here for a breakdown of the types of photos that were ‘nixed’ before Pic Nix got… well… nixed.

  • mary

    If someone doesn’t like what I post on my Instagram they are more than welcome to stop following me, and/or take a flying leap.

  • Kynikos

    Posting bad photos to Instagram: loser.
    Having a personal account on instagram: bigger loser.

  • devtank

    OMFG How ridiculous is that? If you cant say it to someones face/non-anonymously, then you are a weak person, with no integrity. You dont have to lose your temper about it, or you could just cut them out or your feed. But this..? This is AFU in ways beyond this conversation, this sets precedence for all kinds of anti social, Hikikomori, social dictators or whatever name fits.. This is over complex and deliberate and is paramount to a sick mind.
    Learn how to open your mouth and not be ashamed of it, otherwise: disappear.

  • Scott Spellman

    At least it was a creative PR stunt. They knew it would get shutdown, but they got sucker blogs and media like PetaPixel to hype it and boost their other apps and projects.

  • OtterMatt

    “Freedom of speech isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility—so own up to your words.”
    – R.K. Milholland

  • devtank

    Nicely put.

  • devtank

    I dont think so. I dont believe it was a stunt at all, I think that argument has had its day for a lot of companies that do daft stuff. Who cares if they get 320 hits a second for three days, I went to their site and 90% of what they do is derivative shite.

  • JR Clubb

    Annnd Instagram has shut down their account. haha I guess they didn’t think that through?

  • hooby

    What am I missing? Why would you need to build a robot that physically interacts with a phone to post something like that? It really couldn’t have been done in code? It kinda limits their ability to scale… seems more like a highschool science project.

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