Photographer Problems: Photog Stopped at Six Flags for Wearing ‘I Shoot RAW’ Shirt

Many photographers love photo-themed T-Shirts — from camera brand-specific ones, to the cool offerings of Dodge & Burn, all the way to funny and maybe inappropriate shirts like the Camera Sutra. But, as Fro Knows Photo photographer Jared Polin learned recently, you might wanna leave the photo-themed T-Shirt at home when you visit your local amusement park.

Polin, who explains the entire encounter in his “Six Flags Rant” above, recently visited Six Flags amusement park… or rather tried to visit Six Flags. As soon as he got past the main gates, he was stopped by security and told he would have to change his I Shoot RAW photography-themed T-Shirt.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 8.35.54 AM

Fro caught the altercation on his smartphone (vertical video warning…), and in the video you can see him asking the guards to please explain what was so inappropriate about this shirt that, as he points out, has never caused him any grief in the past. He never got a straight answer, but apparently the potential double entendre of the “I Shoot RAW” shirt was more egregious than the “Size Matters” roller coaster shirt in the Six Flags gift shop.

You can see the incident for yourself and hear the full story from Polin by checking out the video above. In the end, he was able to stay at Six Flags, but was forced to buy another T-Shirt. In quintessential Fro Knows Photo style, he chose a very loud green and pink ‘VIP: Very Important Princess’ shirt as a substitute… hmmm… I wonder which shirt drew more attention…

  • Bolkey

    Just curious: how far does this autonomy go? Would it be allowed to deny him the access for his inappropriate hairdo? Because they don’t like his face? For a skin a shade too dark? (Not trying to make a point, I’d rally want to know the answers).

  • Andrew Anderson

    The supreme court has interpreted it to mean Flag burning is legal. Lying about earning a purple heart is legal.

  • Jehangir_Irani

    Please create a new version that says “I shoot RAW, dog.” That way, it feels like you’re talking to a friend, and security won’t even notice.

  • SeoulFood

    Giulio Sciorio from Small Camera Big Picture has those shirts.

  • Jai Guru

    Please. This is obviously a double entendre and 6 flags is inherently a family themed destination. Dressing appropriately for your surroundings is nothing new and while I admit this was a bit anal of them, so too was making an issue of being too juvenile to acknowledge the need for proper attire.

    Go cry ironic tears to someone else and learn to behave like an adult.

  • Jai Guru

    No there’s not. You do not and never did have free speech on private property or private networks.

  • GeraldPeake

    OK. ST, I think you’ve convinced me to write a book about RAW.
    Just to explain, the understanding of RAW in the ‘photographic community’ is pretty dire. RAW is data, i.e. NUMBERS. It is not an image. Digital cameras are measuring devices that measure light values numerically. At the point of capture there is no ‘image’. Therefore… All shots are RAW numeric data, until they are converted by the camera’s internal RAW converter.
    In terms of choice, you have the choice to discard the raw data by choosing JPEG or to save the raw data by choosing JPEG + RAW.
    Hope that helps, I’ll let you know when the book’s done;)

  • Sergio De Bona

    “I shoot RAW and film vertical” Should be.

  • devtank

    I wonder if you wore a shirt that said I shoot film, would it have caused so much issue. I suspect not. I dont think the issue was with “shoot” I think it was the raw part.

  • youre_all_wrong

    How is it irrelevant? You can’t shout “Fire” in a crowded movie theater… You can’t wear a shirt that says you “SHOOT” something in a potential powder keg of rival gangs! Your attempt to subvert my comment based on actual experience (yes, I worked at SFGA for 2 summers) by ascribing a political agenda to my statements is what’s irrelevant !!! Pathetic!