Canon’s Latest Invite to Pro Dealers Hints at August Announcement of the 7DMII


Word on the street — this particular street being Northlight Images — is that Canon pro dealers in Germany are getting invites for events in July to prepare for a particular announcement in August. And while this isn’t anything out of the ordinary, the fact that pro dealers are involved at such a level means that some sort of prosumer DSLR announcement, as well as some possible lens updates, are very likely on the docket.

When you combine that with reports that the 7D will no longer be available from dealers starting in July, it’s easy to conclude that the long-awaited 7DMII might be making an August appearance.

The only conflicting information here is the recent report of a 7DMII announcement at Photokina, which is in mid-September, but often products to be presented at Photokina are announced in August anyhow.


Conflicting data aside, it’s becoming more and more apparent that a replacement to the 5-year old crop sensor beast from Canon will be getting an update later this year, despite some previous manufacturing issues.

For the latest rundown on specs, check out our most recent intelligence, which shows some modest, but solid upgrades.

The 7D’s successor has been half a decade in the making, but it seems like it may finally be making its way into the wild. Stick around and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the latest news.

(via Northlight Images)

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    4k video?

  • Tyler McCool

    1080 with high frame rates please..

  • Strappster

    Bulk film back?

  • bmassao

    Vibranium body covered in adamantium alloy to make it virtually indestructible and possible the last survivor of a possible nuclear war?

  • Mike

    You get another button and JPEG effects. And more noisy sensor.

    Wait for mark 3.

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  • Gav

    If the leaked specs are anything to go by…The 7DII is already outdated by the competition…

  • Mike

    And then the Magic Lantern crazies open the thing up, find unused hardware and make it the proper pro camera it should have been since day 1.