Rumor: Trusted Source Says Fuji’s X-Pro2 Will Use an APS-C Sensor, Not Full-Frame


One of Fuji Rumors‘ “trusted” Japanese sources is correcting previous speculation that Fuji is planning to go full-frame with the X-Pro2, which is great news for people who have invested in Fuji lenses, but bad news for anybody who has been holding out hope that the company would give larger sensors a try (well, there’s still the medium format rumors…).

The source didn’t share any further information with FR, but the rumor site made sure to cite this particular source’s credibility, so chances seem good that we won’t be seeing a full-frame X-Pro2 and the new lens mount that camera would entail.

As always, stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date if and when more interesting info is released or leaked.

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • Lorenzo Viola

    not so bad btw! Fuji means quality, so … can’t wait to see it released, full-frame or not!

  • the_gator

    Great, hope the sensor is at least 24 megapixels, would be nice if it had the organic sensor if what they say about is true.

  • lama

    goodbye fuji wellcome sony a7s

  • David Vaughn

    Is this really a surprise to anyone? A FF Fuji at this point is a pipe dream. They’re still building up their APS-C lens lineup.

    I’m sure the sensor will be awesome, regardless.

  • Sj Pangaribuan

    not liking it….was hoping xpro2 would be my full frame traveling size body…going back to sony a7 then …bye fuji…

  • John Fiebke

    Why does anybody care about “24 megapixels.” Like you’re all shooting billboards? It’s a marketing spec. Your junk doesn’t get any bigger with more pixels, fellas.

  • Bill Binns

    I am actually relieved. I do believe if the X2 was full frame that I would have bought it regardless of price and fallen off the GAS wagon.

    I badly want full frame in a rangefinder size body but not from Sony.

  • Milwman

    On top of thats the guys that want FF will split sales with Sony and do you think Sony will under sale there FF sensor, No Fuji won’t make a dime.

  • Milwman

    Everyone must love buying hard drives. 16 MP works for 95% of us. I would love a MF camera for the shots I needed more! If the prices wasn’t $4000. $2500 or less they would sell a ton of them. Priced at or the same as the Nikon 800 and you have a winer.

  • Bill Binns

    Mostly agree. Megapixel count is a very bad barometer for judging the overall quality of a camera. However, in an otherwise good camera, being able to do heavy crops and recompositions and still have enough data for a nice 8×10 print can really come in handy. I have years worth of 4 megapixel jpegs that are no fun to work with anymore.

  • Bewar3them00n

    I’ve just bought a FF rangefinder for $130!! A Canon P , lovely camera, I can use my Jupiter lenses on it too, no it’s not digital alas, but I’m going to love using it, large bright viewfinder, with 35, 50, 100 frame lines in the viewfinder, clever that!!!

  • Miguel Rozsas

    This is a new time. Leave the past behind. No more FF sensor is related to image quality nor high ISO/Low noise. So, what is the point asking for a FF sensor ? In a X-Trans APS-C sensor you can have both quality and high ISO and low noise.

  • Kaktus Kontrafaktus

    Was anyone actually hoping for a fullframe X-Pro2?
    There’s no room for a 36x24mm sensor inside the X-mount, Fuji would have to introduce a new mount with a new lens lineup and a dedicated adapter to make any new FF-lenses compatible with the old X-mount (the new mount would have to have a longer flange distance to make such an adapter possible).

  • bob cooley

    Total control over depth of field, larger photosites allow for better low light / ISO capture, large glass on a good system (D700, D3, D4, Canon’s full frames) has better and more reliable AF (especially in low light) than APS-C.

    The point is that some of us want that level of control – if you don’t, that’s fine, but its hardly the ‘past’ – to say that FF isn’t related to image quality is saying that physics isn’t reality.

    If the Fuji APS-Cs are really good (and they are) a Fuji Full Frame would be absolutely off the rails great (most likely).

    I love my Fuji’s – in some cases more than my pro Nikon bodies – but a Fuji FF would be a game-changer in an industry that always needs some good shaking for innovation.

    Don’t settle for ‘good enough’…

  • bob cooley

    Some of us do shoot large print work, gallery work, fine printing (for 600+ line screens) and fine art. You may not need it to share your pix on Facebook, but there are a lot of us out there that can use the higher pixel count.

    Keep in mind that the resolving equivalent of a good quality film and lens are about 18-20MP, this is right in the correct pocket as a baseline replacement for those tools.

    Granted, for a lot of people it is marketing – they feel the need for more MP but have no need for it -but some of us do.

  • John

    Makes a lot more sense to release a FF x200, as rumored, and take it from there…

  • Pete

    As someone who has used both 16 and 24MP cameras, I can say that the extra megapixels are appreciated…. are they necessary though? The answer would be no.

  • Pete

    Not sure why everyone has such a hard-on for FF. Is it the need for a larger viewfinder?… well EVFs take care of that. What about the need for greater bokeh control?… We’ll for me APS-C gives me the control I need. Low light a problem?… Well have you used the latest batch of APS-C sensors that can go to 3200-6400 with noise postprocessing that are still useable.

    FF cameras have generally slower FPS, cost more and weight more. I’m not sure why there are people criticizing Fuji for taking the right path to follow their own design philosophy of smaller, better, faster.

  • bob cooley

    Because it’s better in many ways. I don’t see anyone criticizing Fuji here, just people who want a tool that gives the the maximum amount of control.

  • dannybuoy

    Fuji’s XF lenses are facking amazing. They’re not going to shift to a different mount and have to manufacture a whole new line of lenses when they have invested so heavily in getting their APS-C lenses working so well. And they do work well. Shooting the X-T1 besides my Leica M I have a tough time choosing which I prefer between the two. The FF photos from the M have a slightly shallower DoF but beyond that I’m pretty blown away by APS-C sensors these days.

  • mahmood

    Yes those sensors are amazing, if Adobe finally gets its act together and invests some resources in rendering alternative pixel patterns. I bought a X-T1 after Adobe’s announcement regarding better support for X-Trans. I shot hundreds of shots during one week. Verdict? In-camera jpegs are better than Lightroom’s output, and there is no fracking way you can reproduce those images in Lightroom. Watercolor effect is ever present, despite all the claims, as soon as you start playing with photo details. White balancing is awesome in all the most difficult situations, yet the camera has a big issue getting the white balance right on sunny days! It turns sky blue into cyan, in a non-reversible way… So, back went the X-T1 and a7 is here again. Seriously, if you don’t see those differences, you should sell your M to someone who does! (just teasing you! ;))

  • Andrew Hope

    Well, as an X-Shooter with a collection of primes, I’m happy about this news. I was pretty pissed about the FF rumours. When you’ve invested in a system heavily & loyal to a company, it’s ethos & philosophy, I was surprised. Personally, I don’t think Fujifilm has the budget to develop a whole new format & frankly I think their APS-C be developed further to be made more versatile. Anyway, I don’t wanna be carrying big FF glass around. Totally missed the point of why I switched on the first place…

  • Woody ONeal

    Hello mediocre lenses

  • Woody ONeal

    I’d break my credit card for a FF X200.

  • Mistur

    Andrew, I don’t understand why you would be pissed if Fuji made a full frame camera. Would your current APS C camera stop working? If you don’t wanna carry around big FF glass, as you state, then don’t. If you bought a car with 4 cylinders and next year they also made one with 6 cylinders, would that upset you as well? For people who want to shoot FF, Fuji isn’t an option. It would be nice if it was.

  • Adrian Morgan

    The lens road map for the X series is too developed to move to full frame. I think the rumours of the medium format series are more accurate – why go to FF when you go straight to medium format?

  • Ryan Tonegawa

    Anyone who assumed a full frame was coming from Fuji anytime soon deserves the disappointment they created for themselves. … and sorry guys, Sony is not competing with anybody. Especially not Fuji. Now if Sony had a lens that was any good they may….MAY….have a chance at competing. Oh and if that magic one lens option existed, good luck finding stock.

    Also, can someone tell me why? Why do you want a full frame sensor from Fuji. What are you missing?

  • John

    Me too!

  • John

    If I could get a camera, “pocket size”, like the x100, with the benefits of a FF sensor, I’d be totally ready to sacrifice the viewfinder. Already got a Nikon D610, and a FF x200 would be a GREAT complement to be able to shoot nice clean FF sensor high iso images, “from the pocket..” :)

  • Andrew Hope

    Agreed, they already make MF glass for other companies, not such a big jump for them. MF is not a versatile format at all..period..Great for shots in a studio and that’s about it. You’re not going be catching any special moments or shots off the cuff, only gonna be spending hours setting them up. Because it is financially out of reach of most, people want it…Human nature..

  • Tony Bramley

    Great news. Can’t wait for x pro 2. Hope it will replace my canon 5d 3. Don’t care about ff sensor as already have some Fuji lenses for xe1. Just want the camera fast enought shoot a first dance and viewfinder refresh rate as best as it can be. Really hoping this will be the one:)

  • Brian Pangilinan

    i want the xpro2 to match the size of the xe2 with the OVF and EVF, and have a super fast and accurate auto focus with a clean picture at iso 6400. it should already come with the thumb extension too. in a matte black finish and full magnesium body, completely weather sealed with a flip screen for people who dont want to use or expose the viewfinder while carrying it around. maybe have an on and off switch like the canon 5dmk2 on the back. battery life should extend to 1,500 shots with screen flip shut and with it open it should be able to catch 500-600 shots per charge. it should have exp comp up to 3 stops. a flash pc connecter, the tripod mount should be moved another inch toward the center so you can access battery and card without having to remove the quick release adapter, interchangeable grips or be able to use it without. bump the MP to 18mp . sorry that was really long. I can dream can’t I?