50 Nokia Lumia 1020 Cameras Capture New York City in Bullet Time

Check out this trippy video showing New York City sidewalks in Matrix-style “bullet time.” It was created by filmmaker Paul Trillo, who partnered up with Microsoft to create a special camera rig consisting of 50 individual Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphones mounted to an arc.

After mounting the cameras to the metal rig, a Surface tablet was used to wirelessly control the setup (dubbed the “Lumia Arc of Wonder”). Custom software helped synchronize all the cameras on a closed Wi-Fi network.

Here are some photos of the finished 300+ pound rig provided to us by technical director Nicholas Tong:




After the rig was completed, wheels were attached to the bottom to allow the cameras to roam the streets of Manhattan. The project is meant to “document everyday life on the streets of New York City frozen in time,” Trillo tells us.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video offering a peek at what went into making this film:

Tong tells us that the project “was one of the most technically challenging endeavors I’ve undertaken, but the end result was absolutely worth it.”

  • Rodrigo Abello

    One more turn …..and will vomit!

  • matt jones

    that’s exactly what I thought they were going to do, it would have been simple and much more effective

  • Vin Weathermon

    Nope. Not worth it. Sorry Michael; I vote remove the post it’s so bad. And I’m not normally this snarky.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Uh…you think this video is awesome and the whole 50 camera thing really made sense here? Disorienting video is not awesome and it didn’t really match the headline one bit.

  • Bryan Jamieson

    Vin Weatherdeuche, I applaud them for bringing their idea to life. I applaud them for creating something out of nothing. They accomplished more in this project than most of the deadbeats who are leaving negative comments.

  • Bryan Jamieson


  • Vin Weathermon

    Ok Brione Jamee-san, I applaud that you applaud. It still is extremely uncomfortable to watch. The frozen birds and skateboarder I finally saw when I could control my gorge, and yes they were cool. But dang spinning constantly for that long is moving away from the cool that was intended.

  • Vin Weathermon

    I think most people missed it because of the horrifying spinning effect; the frozen parts I finally saw after watching the third time (because I couldn’t really get through watching it once.)

  • oscar

    Fun and I didn-t get dizzy. I-m going to apply as astronaut XD

  • Smarten_Up

    Now that I think about it a bit, it reminds me of Microsoft Office: much ado about….?

  • justme

    I thought it was just me, I felt nauseous watching it. Also, just a Microsoft commercial.

  • zeros

    Meh they could have used just one camera, or even just one of the Lumia’s if they really wanted to use a Lumia. And make a smooth rail in the same exact form then attach the phone and film it at 1080p. Would have given better results. Tho’ it wouldn’t have been as impressive.

    Oh and if you want to say this was about taking pictures and not filming then just like they made that custom app to control all of them they could have made an option for a camera app where the phone takes pictures every 2 seconds, so moving it on that rail it would take pictures. Still would have been a better result.

  • Brandon Moore