Humor: Hilariously Accurate Generic Brand Video Put Together from Stock Video Clips

Using only stock video footage from their library, Dissolve Footage took a humor article titled “This Is a Generic Brand Video” by Kendra Eash and turned it into a cliché-filled reality that will either have you laughing or crying… or both.

In a sense, this is a brilliant exposé that will make it impossible for you to every look at another brand video the same again. But even if you don’t want to take this that seriously, it’s downright hilarious. From the guy in the lab coat (substitute with the lens tech in a static-free environment for photography purposes) to the time-lapse shots of cars zooming by at night, it’s all there.


True, a photography-specific ‘generic brand video’ would probably be a bit different — although there’ll be plenty of majestic landscape scenes that imply they care about the environment and pictures of attractive people… and probably footage of India — but we still found this painfully relevant and entirely too enjoyable for our own good.

Head over to McSweeney’s to read the original piece and then click play at the top to see that text brought to life.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Don

    Now someone needs to make the generic anti-corporate documentary to pair with this.

  • pgb0517

    This is so very true. That’s what makes it funny. The part about racial diversity is especially on target. Gotta show the skin tones to prove you’re not discriminating. You can also watch most of these touchy-feely commercials with the sound turned off and get the same effect. They look really ridiculous that way.

  • AMF Digital Media

    Spot on! Hahah

  • OtterMatt

    I lol’d. That was brilliantly executed and wickedly satirical while still being well tongue-in-cheek.
    /slow clap

  • Werchange

    Brilliant! Keep up the good work.