If Travel Influencers were Honest: A Painfully Accurate Parody Video

Australian YouTuber Currently Hannah recently teamed up with her friend Just Jess to create a brutally honest, hilarious video that answers the question: what would travel videos look like if influencers were honest?

The first three minutes of the video is the parody itself: filled with beautiful, mostly slow-motion travel footage paired with an airy voice-over that describes each trope as you see it.

“I learned so much about myself on this trip, but there was one thing that really stood out to me,” reads the narrator. “And that is: you don’t need a storyline to make your travels look epic. All you need is a voiceover with a soft airy voice, and with the right dramatic pauses … it’ll sound, inspirational.”

“The best shots are the ones where you gaze in wonder at your surroundings,” she continues. “I’m here to fill your feed with slow motion palm trees, white sand, the poolside, my butt, clear water, my eye opening (for some reason), and sand on my butt.”

She captures it all: from the over-sexualized nature of these kinds of films, to the total lack of narrative storyline, to the lack of any sort of footage that captures the many annoying, tiring, and stressful parts of traveling that aren’t as appealing or Instagrammable.

To her credit, Hannah spends the rest of the video after the three-minute mark talking through why she created this parody and pointing out that she’s certainly not exempt from these stereotypes. It’s a fun video that’s not meant to call any one person out; it just points out some of the most common tropes we’ve seen over and over and over again in travel photos and videos on social media.

Check out the full video up top to see this “travel flex” for yourself, and stick around to the very end to see a few bloopers from the filming of this video. If you thought they were able to keep a straight face through all of these beach romps and poolside shots… you’d be wrong.