Diver Gets Attacked by a Feisty Reef Shark, Captures the Whole Thing on Action Cam

Action cam footage we’ve featured ranges from spectacular aerial shots taken using a DJI Phantom drone, to unbelievable extreme sports stunts, to animals who are so keen on getting their own GoPro they’re willing to steal yours. This, however, is the first time we’ve seen a shark attack filmed from the first person perspective.

The video was shot by diver Jason Dimitri while he was culling lionfish in the Western Caribbean Sea near the Caymans. GoPro Hero3 securely strapped to his head, all of a sudden he found himself face-to-face with a Caribbean reef shark who seemed interested in getting a taste.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 7.53.18 AM

“The shark came out of no ware,” writes Dimitri in the video description. “It scared the crap out of me.” But far from deterring him from diving there again, he says he will most definitely return.

“I love this place and will continue diving here for the rest of my life.” he continues. “In no way did this encounter discourage me from getting back into the water.”

Check out the video at the top to experience the whole thing for yourself, and head over to YouTube to read the full description and hear more of what Dimitri had to say about the encounter.

(via Metro)

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  • John R

    Deserves all he got by ‘sport fishing’ and releasing blood into the sea. Why does he think its OK to go into the ocean and kill anything he can find? A***hole.
    I’ve swum/dived around innumerable reef sharks and they are big cowards. The ONLY thing that is likely to attack you is a Titan Triggerfish. Even sea snakes are mostly just curious. From now on I hope this idiot stays out of the sea.

  • Joshua Morin

    If you read the youtube description, he is culling lion fish because they are taking over the Caribbean reefs and damaging the ecosystem.

  • Joshua Morin

    Note to self, always bring long pole with jabby end with me when diving.

  • James

    I’m sorry but if he was Scuba Diving where was his buddy this whole time?

  • Chuck Robinson

    This man has max attack speed IRL.

  • Daniel Walldorf

    You sir, are just raging around the internet, wishing people bad things. Read the description and find out WHY he did what he did.
    But I guess you don’t even want to know but instead just be an a**hole on the internet because it’s so easy.

  • Aiden

    Wow that was really weird. Must’ve been the perspective or something but the whole thing looked really fake to me in that it looked like a CG render. Probably the lighting and angles. Weird.

  • woofa

    Well f#@$head, he’s culling lionfish which are non-native to the Caribbean and threatening it. If you really were any kind of a diver, something I’m not even part of but am fully aware of the lionfish problem, then you’d be fully aware of this issue. No, you’re just another MORON going around going off on people in situations you know exactly ZERO about.

  • woofa

    Now there at least is a good and valid point.

  • Dover

    There is no law saying you need to dive with a buddy. There are actual valid points to diving solo as well.

  • Dover

    Are you a vegetarian? Lionfish are actually fine table fare and not endangered. Where does your dinner come from? Little guilt free, pre-killed, pre-packaged bundles from the grocery store?

  • Hunter Harrison

    As many have pointed out, southeast Asian lion fish are non-native to the Caribbean and are eating all the local fish. Florida pays a bounty for the fish, which is one reason this guy may have been hunting them.

    As someone noted, you don’t have to dive with a buddy. However, given what this guy was doing, it would have been wise. Clearly from the shark’s behavior, it wanted those fish. The shark could likely sense the fish convulsions through the water. Cool video nonetheless. Unfortunately, many morons on the interwebs will get the wrong idea.

  • Chris Cheek

    Looks fake..

  • Nanette

    i just got back from Scuba Diving in Roaton (an island on the North Coast of Honduras). We went on a shark dive and swam with 18 Caribbean Reef Sharks. They are wild, but come to a specific spot twice a day when they see divers – as a bucket of chum is eventually opened. I was thrilled and could have touched one.
    Our divemaster said NO GO PRO CAMERAS ALLOWED. Apparently they are attracted to the signal. Something about the bluetooth signal not found in other cameras.

  • mdsjhawk

    lol…I took my GoPro with me on a Shark Dive this past fall, no issues whatsoever…as did others on our boat. Maybe it was because they would rather you buy their shark dive video instead of taking it yourself? ;-)

  • Steve

    That has the markings of a shark that has been fed by lion fish hunters. If he wanted a bite of the guy he would have.

  • Steven

    That may be true, but there are plenty of very good reasons to dive with a buddy. If he had been diving with a buddy, they could have worked together to avoid altercations with sharks or other wildlife. I think this is a great example of why using the buddy system is never a bad idea.

  • Wizard

    get outside see the sun see the trees see the water… it is called the world, the nature, explore it!

  • Nanette

    I dont think so, many of us had and used other cameras. He just ruled out the Go Pros ( one diver out of 12 in our case) He has noticed that those with the Go Pros would often have sharks swim extra close. Just a precaution. Yes, he did sell videos. However, if he ever has an attack injury his business would be affected significantly.
    Probably the wounded Lionfish were the big draw for this diver. I just found it interesting that we had just dove with Caribbean Reef Sharks and our divemaster told us this

  • david3198

    The GoPro are mostly silver color, and with the housing it reflect even more light: this
    looks like some small fish that shark love, same things when you dive with Barracuda, you don’t want any shiny jewelery on you…(if you want to keep all the parts of you on you…)
    Also the diver react very badly and endanger himself even more by is behavior (i don’t judge him or his skills, i just want to give a piece of advise for those situations), let me explain: when a shark attack you, the last thing you want to do is to show him your fins first because the shark will understand immediatly that you’re running away from him and look even more weak and scared..the perfect prey!!!
    Second point, the diver was very close of the bottom, STAY THERE ! Isn’t it already enough to check all around you and above, you want to add under You?? Nop.
    So near to the bottom, you run for it not the surface, and when you reach it you plant your fins in the sand and stand up still and cross your arms, WHY?. your fins disapear the shark get confused because you were a “fishy style” with your fins but now you got no more and stood up verticaly, this is not common for a fish or a prey. If the shark still comming for you extend your arms and “weapons” in his direction with your head toward him and scream aggressively in your regulator, It will mostly stop him, why? because you are not running and the shark will wonder why and determine that you might be a danger for him, a shark is not stupid if he think he might be injured he will not attack that is why you extend parts of you when he charge: underwater body extension are mostly weapons/defensive appendices, sharks know that and won’t risk it for a meal with to much bones…
    If you are in Mid water, you can also put yourself in foetal position and fins crossed, changing your shape like this will really confused the animal…
    I tried those technics and this is why i’m still here to talk to you….Have a safe Dive!!!

  • Anton Nekhaenko

    Now what is Carribean ocean? :-)

  • Dan Fernandez

    This guy does more for the oceanic environment in one day than your entire life’s worth of useless whiney internet comments.

  • John R

    Killing off one species to preserve another does not work. Same thing goes for the slaughter of sharks that has destroyed the ocean ecosystem. Probably related to this ‘lionfish problem’. This guy was attacked because he was releasing blood into the water. Defending a stupid plan is not progress.

  • Ken Elliott

    Thank you! This advice is dead on. Erratic kicking is also an attraction to sharks, because that is what a wounded fish does. Be like the shark – swim in a smooth and calm manner with no sudden movement. Sharks have predators too, and its looking for an easy meal – not to become one.

    PS – I’m a multi-decade diver, and have dove everywhere from the Florida coast to the Great Barrier Reef. David3198 is giving excellent advice.