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Crab Tries to Steal GoPro, Reinforces Our Belief that Animals Love Action Cams


We’re starting to suspect that wild animals the world over are collecting action cams for some nefarious plot… well, either that or wild animals like carrying away shiny objects, but we prefer our first theory. We’ve seen birds, cheetahs and hyenas all make away with GoPros, and now it seems the crustaceans are getting involved too.

The video above was captured by a man named Diederick Ryan, who was bored during a vacation in Fiji and decided to set up his GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition outside of a nearby crab hole. Once set up, he walked away and used the GoPro app to start recording when he saw a crab coming out of its lair.

So far so good. That is, until the crab decides it likes the GoPro enough that it would like to take it home. Fortunately for Ryan, he was able to get to the hole before the action cam was pulled out of reach, but to hear him tell it, it was a close call. Check out the video at the top to see it for yourself.

(via Laughing Squid)