Canon Announces the T5: An Entry-Level Rebel for the Budget Conscious


CP+ is underway, which means the gear announcements are about to start coming hard and fast… brace yourselves. First up is Canon, with a new entry-level DSLR that replaces the 2011 T3 as the stripped down Rebel for the budget conscious shooter who has their heart set on staying away from mirrorless cameras: The Canon Rebel T5.

Inside the camera you’ll find Canon’s oft-used 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, DIGIC 4 processor, 9-point (one cross-type) AF system, 3fps continuous shooting, native ISO range between 100 and 6,400 (expandable to 12,800) and 1080/30p video capture.



“The EOS Rebel T5 camera is designed for entry-level DSLR photographers looking to expand their creative options and advance their photography skills,” said Canon’s executive vice president and general manager of the Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Yuichi Ishizuka.

“The improved functionality of this new EOS Rebel camera will help them do just that as it intelligently guides users on how to pinpoint their perfect shot and capture high-quality images and videos worth sharing.”

The specs aren’t anything to brag about, and given that the T3i retails for about the same (or lower, if you find it on sale) price while offering a tilting LCD we’re skeptical about how well the T5 will sell.

Still, if you’re interested in learning more, you can do so over at Canon’s Press Room. And those interested enough to go ahead and get one can pre-order the camera with 18-55mm kit lens for $550 on B&H Photo by clicking here. The camera is set to ship in March.

  • Alessandro Aimonetto

    I find this IDENTICAL to entry-level nikons

  • Leonardo Abreu

    lol, same sensor.

  • Mike

    Identical as in “looks like Nikon entry levels offer more with a better sensor”?
    I’m beginning to lose faith in Canon’s ability to give me a decent, competitive camera to upgrade from my trusty old 450D. All I wanted was a better crop sensor than the 18mp class, and 9 cross type points AF.

  • JoeNoName

    Same sensor, same thing as all then other rebels, nothing new here, move on.

  • R O

    Why would I buy this over any number of smaller mirrorless cameras with better IQ at the same price point or less?

  • herp derp

    Better IQ is quite subjective. I personally think that the sensor in the Canon 7d (at 18mp, apparently the same as this one) is better than the Sony nex-7 variants (24mp). The only drawback of the Canon is the sensor pattern but nex-7 is too noisy (24mp is a bit too much for aps-c) but the nex-5 is actually quite close. I’d say the are 50/50. So I don’t get how people constantly claim that the Sony mirrorless are better? Because of DXOMark? I find it really odd that the Nex-7 gets like 81 points and the 7d 66 or something. That difference is way too much compared to what I’m seeing using these cams.

  • Michal Rosa

    You mean like 500D, 550D or 60D?

  • Michal Rosa

    How exactly does it fail to meet you real line needs?

  • Mike

    Their sensors bother me. I don’t want more MP, I want better DR. Right now the 60D looks good enough to me but the sensor I don’t like. So I wait. Patiently. And explain to the wife what use SHE can get from a 400mm lens (other than to beat me over the head with it).