Samyang Looks to Have Canceled Plans for a 50mm f/1.2


About a year ago, Samyang took to Facebook and confirmed that a 50mm f/1.2 was on the roadmap, and would quite possibly see the light of day sometime in 2014. Well, if you’ve been holding out for that release, hoping that a third-party 50mm f/1.2 option would arrive, you might have been waiting for nothing.

According to PhotoRumors, nobody called “no take backs” and so Samyang seems to have scrapped plans for the lens. In reply to a request for update posed on the Samyang-Asia Facebook page, a rep wrote, “The 50mm f/1.2 is not realising.”

Perhaps a language barrier is a work here and they just meant it’s not out yet, but the message seems quite clear: For now, those in the market for a 50mm f/1.2 will have to go name brand.

  • JoeNoName

    Just the lens I was hoping for and now its gone :(

    Lets hope they might release a 1.4 atleast, that would be superb!

  • yopyop

    On the other hand it’s been announced they were working on AF lenses.

  • MWLindstrom

    AF would be the worst idea for them. They’re getting attention because they DON’T have AF. They make optically great lenses at 1/3 or less of the price of similar performing lenses, and producing them with construction that lends incredibly well to filmmaking. If they in fact do not make a f1.2 or f1.4 50mm or 55mm lens (and/or go this apsc [cutting the knees out from under you] lens route) this company will begin to float off for me as an ‘almost could have been’ thing.

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t say that being manual focus is what gets them attention. They produce great glass a great prices.

    What if they continue to do so while adding AF? It would of course add to the price but if they keep a manual focus lineup along side the AF I can’t see the harm. Specially if they stay away from OS/VR/IS and keep the costs lower then even Tamron and Sigma.

    I was just wondering the other day if they were going to start working on AF designs. :)

  • MWLindstrom

    I think the issue for such a relatively small company is development resources. If they get into AF it would have to be in a really strong way, which would split resources significantly away from more optical engineering. It’s not hard to deny that manual lenses would take less design work (or that more design work can be focused on just optical design while creating a glorious buttery focus ring with a long focus throw isn’t really that hard). That’s just my thinking from a business side. I wouldn’t mind side by side design if they continued to make cine and photo non-af version of the lenses if they did also start making AF lenses. I just know it would split their resources down quite a bit when they still haven’t made a cine or photo 50mm or +100mm lens.

  • Scott

    True, that is a thought.

    What if the much wider sales market for AF lenses helped them fund the development of the lenses they currently make and you enjoy though?

    In other words what if the addition of AF lenses helps their company expand?

  • tedtedsen

    why not make superwide prime lenses like 14 or 16mm for fx format in 1.4 why is superwide angel always 2.8 or even worse f4