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Usually we like to focus on helping people, and when we think about help, we actually mean it. We want beginners to get better at photography and we want pros and amateurs to reach their full potential. But sometimes in life, no matter how much you want something, it just isn’t made to happen.

It is the case of some people who would give quite a lot to be real photographers, get published, be appreciated and make a living from photography. In real life, even though it’s tougher today than it used to be, with a little bit of talent, technical skill and a lot of determination, you do have a good chance to pull it off. But for these folks, it just isn’t meant to be. It’s time to see if you are one of these people. But before you do, we want everyone to understand that this article is not intended to insult anyone, so please do not take it personally.

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  • bob cooley

    Why are you reposting trollbait?

  • Banan Tarr

    18 . Your number one reference of value is number of Facebook likes.

    Well then, guess that’s it for me :(


  • Bruce

    This post is not funny, not clever, condescending, and certainly encourages snooty elitism. Humour, if it is to be effective, needs to have either some intelligence in it’s delivery, irony, or at the very least a creative use of sarcasm. This post merely implies ‘everyone is stupid except me’ in a an ugly, self congratulatory tone.

    If they want to be humorous in the future, I suggest the writer of this piece consider pointing their criticism on them self and their own practice, self deprecating humour is a better way to point out shortfalls of any communities, and allows you to get away with being more critical(i.e. ‘I ordered 30x45inch prints from the lab and they called to me to see if i’d made a mistake’ and ‘I bought a 50mm lens but had to take it back because when I measured it it was 115mm long’ or ‘I de-friended my mum on facebook, but had to re-frind her because she was the only one who ‘liked’ my photos’)

  • JReagan

    1 Reason Why You Should Give Up Writing

    1. This story

  • Mark Brown

    I’ve seen people who do half the “wrongs” in that list and produce incredibly compelling images, and people who “have it all figured out” who make yawn-fests.