Adobe Adds Perspective Warp and Linked Smart Objects in Major Photoshop Update


One of the advantages to the Creative Cloud model is that those onboard don’t have to pay any extra when major upgrades come. No more updating to the newest creative suite because Adobe has added a tantalizing feature like Content Aware Move, the update will come your way and all you have to do is continue to make your monthly payment.

Such an update just went live this very moment, featuring a couple of exciting new features: Perspective Warp and Linked Smart Objects.

We were fortunate enough to see an advanced demo of these features and we’re not exaggerating when we say they are impressive and could come in very handy for photographers, in particular the first of the two.

Perspective Warp


Perspective Warp allows you to place grids on individual planes within your image and transform them individually or as a three-dimensional block by linking two grids together. This is much more easily demonstrated than explained in words, so check out the video below to get an idea of what’s possible:

The uses of this tool are many. Being able to adjust the perspective of individual planes separately makes it much easier to correct for distortions in different planes without affecting the perspective in other parts of the image.

You can also use the tool to change wide shots into telephoto shots and visa versa, change the vantage point entirely, making it seem as if you were standing in at a different angle when you took the photo, or more easily composite multiple images with different vanishing points by warping the perspective of one to match the other.


Linked Smart Objects

The second major update of interest to photographers is the introduction of Linked Smart Objects. This allows you to change a smart object in one document and have it instantly change in every document the object is currently found in. Here’s a quick demo:

Adobe imagines that this will come in particularly handy when working in teams, but it’s just as useful for individuals. For example, imagine creating promotional materials for your photography business, but later editing your logo or the photographs included those materials.


In the past, you’d have to apply the same edits to the photos again within the document, or pull them out and replace them with the new versions. Linked Smart Object eliminates that need. Any changes you make to an image (assuming you’ve converted it to a smart object) or logo will automatically show up anywhere that image or logo is in use throughout the suite.

Other Updates


A plethora of other minor improvements come with this update, including a significant performance boost for Sharpening, the ability to see recent colors in the Swatches panel, an increase in the number of characters available for layer names, 3D printing capability and much more.

The 3D printing capabilities make up the third major update to Photoshop, but there’s not as much application for photographers here. One cool feature is the ability to take a photograph, turn it into a lithophane and instantly send it to a 3D printing service or your local 3D printer with no further input required from the user.

To learn more about any of the updates described above, head over to the Adobe blog by clicking here or, if you’re already subscribed to Photoshop CC, make sure you’re up to date and play with the features yourself.

The update is free to all Creative Cloud members, while everybody else will have the option to join Adobe CC at the same old rates — $50 per month for the whole suite or $20 per month for individual apps. Also, as a special bonus, the Photoshop Photography Program was extended yet again a few days ago and anybody who has already run through their 30 day free trial will have the clock automatically reset, letting them try these new features for another 30 days.

  • Don

    Subscription. Hah! Yeah right. Paint Shop Pro for me.

  • Black Light Shoots

    Now updating!

  • MarvinB7

    I’m loving the subscription, only because I have access to nearly EVERYTHING. I otherwise would not be able to use the other awesome applications. Updates are flowing.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    I feel the same way, unfortunately, Paint Shop Pro is woefully underpowered when compared to Photoshop. Not that you’ll see me paying a subscription cost. Though, at ten dollars a month, I was awfully tempted… (Until they wanted that all up front and I do not have that kind of cash to give “up front.”)

  • Mike

    For $9.99 it’s a no-brainer. $120 a year. I was forking out more than that for the updates every year. Plus you get lightroom. Haters gonna hate I guess.

  • Carl Meyer

    It’s cute to see Adobe introducing more gimmick features, extending trials and renewing limited time offers while boasting about CC success.

  • Nona

    Mike, where do you get the $120/year figure? In the article it says “everybody else will have the option to join Adobe CC at the same old rates — $50 per month for the whole suite or $20 per month for individual apps.”

  • Joe

    search for photoshop photography program

  • Carl Meyer

    The esoteric wording “we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.” means that the future renewal price is unknown and unless they decide to clearly state something different those $120 per year is just an assumption based on a limited time offer.

  • MMielech

    The bells and whistles are a little loud today.

    Nice that this site is reproducing corporate PR puff pieces. Keep up the good work.

  • olafs_osh

    I sure hope the smart object update could be turned off. I do not need it in PS. In ID – yes. In PS – no.

  • Snarkasaurus

    Access to everything … and probably use what? 5% of that on a regular basis? Yep, definitely worth it.

  • SaveTheWorldGetTheGirl

    I don’t know about PSP (haven’t used it in at least 8 years), but GIMP is definitely a free viable alternative.

  • JonathonWatkins

    PetaPixel is reporting the news and it’s the first I’d heard about it, so I’m updating CC now. Yes, I signed up to Creative cloud on the 31st of December very reluctantly.

  • damibru

    Sorry but what a crock. Useless features to a portrait photogtapher and a very sad marketing campaign…a pletora of other updates….so sad!

  • Smackydoodle

    As a web designer, the linked smart object feature is amazing!

  • JustSayNoToCC

    I’m waiting until they add the kitchen sink and rename the project adobe
    franken-shop. come on, photo editing, then video editing, now 3d cad? I
    swear they just keep adding in items so people feel they are getting
    value from the upgrades. OR they want to help out the massive (and
    lucrative) training economy built around the wonderful (and intuitive)
    user interface in Photoshop. I’m so glad I never bought into that dng BS. The Creative Cloud was plan “B” because forcing users to upgrade when their new camera’s raw wasn’t supported wasn’t getting enough upgrades. I will happily run my current perpetual photoshop for years and years and years, and use a virtual machine when it won’t run those future machines.

  • Douglas James

    I’ll stick with the paid PS6 and LR5. Between the two I can accomplish all I need to do for portraits and weddings.

  • chuck74

    The Creative Cloud is great IF you use all of the products it offers. If you are like me and only use a program like Photoshop for example, this model has you spending more money than simply upgrading. It’s as if Adobe disregarded this entire field of users and catered solely to those that want to use/try the entire suite.
    It is because of this, I will use Photoshop CS6 until I cannot use it anymore and hope there is a worthwhile alternative at that time.

  • Scott

    Portrait photographers are their only customers now?

  • Stephen Nielson

    I work on the Photoshop team. Yes, you can choose not to use Linked Smart Objects. When placing a smart object, you can choose either embedded or linked.

    Curious why you don’t see value in linked Smart Objects within Photoshop?

  • Stephen Nielson

    Glad to hear you are excited about it!

  • MarvinB7

    Currently using 5 apps regularly. To each their own. I like it. You, apparently, do not.

  • MarvinB7

    I am a CC subscriber, and I agree with you. A budget friendly option for photographers should be an everyday offering, not some ‘special’. All or nothing (or pay almost the same for LR & PS) is almost robbery.

  • Tai – Photoshop Engineering

    The embedded Smart Objects that have been available for many versions are still there – Linked Smart Objects are just a new variation that are now available. They can be extremely helpful to designers who re-use assets in multiple designs.

  • Carl Meyer

    And what is worse, they are pushing away part of the user base by not offering stand alone options for those that don’t like the subscription model or just don’t need to upgrade continuously for their needs.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Like, the world revolves around every Internet user these days ;)
    “I have a voice! Listen to meeeee! Do what I say!”

  • Eugene Chok

    i am on the team subscription, its much cheaper then getting creative suite for ever computer and every editor

  • Kevin James

    What is up with all the hating? I am a CC subscriber and love the service, I am updating Photoshop to try the new perspective as I type this. I personally do a lot of interior and real estate work, and think the perspective warp tool is a fantastic addition. If you are making a living off Adobe’s software, I think it’s only fair to help support consistent updates and innovation.

  • battlepriest

    Nope. It’s a nice toy, but I still refuse to rent software.

  • Khürt L. Williams

    I didn’t subscribe. Not because I didn’t like it. It was because it was not financially wise. Perhaps @Snarkasaurus came to the same conclusions.

    I only use/want/need Adobe Lightroom. Why pay for stuff I have no intention of using?

  • Khürt L. Williams

    What if you just need/want one app?

  • Alan Klughammer

    I am still on the fence with subscribing to CC, but when I see “Major Updates” like this, I think I will stick with CS5 and learn to use Gimp…

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    Is this where I whinge about how mean Adobe are going to take all my precious HDR cat photos away if I don’t pay them my 2% of the CS6 purchase price each month?

    *looks down the comments list* yup

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    Gimp. lol. Might as well just break out the crayons.

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    You can opt to only get Photoshop, rather than the whole suite. It says so right in the article! So, your argument is kind of irrelevant.

    Good work on holding an informed opinion, champ.

  • olafs_osh

    You got me wrong there a bit – I don’t think it’s a bad or useless feature. Just not for my type of work and workflow :) Otherwise – good stuff, no worries.

  • Matt Collins

    MAKE IT SO! …………………………

  • Stephen Nielson

    No worries! Everyone has their own workflow :)

  • photocop

    Quite a few of us in the cop shop are looking for alternatives to photoshop BECAUSE of the subscription costs. Can’t write grants to cover costs ad infinitum, and it isn’t unheard of for officers pay for their own software. Quite a few options are appearing, so Adobe won’t be the only game in town. Their marketing boys need a serious reality check.

  • CCSubscriber&Proud

    “I swear they just keep adding in items so people feel they are getting
    value from the upgrades.”

    Do people think or just type???? Business is all about adding value. How could someone ever expect to run a successful business without making their customers feel that they are getting more for the money. Just because your copy of photoshop is suitable for your needs doesn’t mean that a new promotion or feature, of use to you or not, is worthless. I am a professional photographer and I subscribe to CC because it is important to me to constantly improve my skillset and the “product” that I create. If Adobe’s new features give someone the ability to improve their craft I say congratulations on being an intelligent businessperson.

  • Stung Mut

    app updates should be free, the subscription service for software updates is ridiculous.

  • Luc-Richard Photography

    I pay 120 a year for Photoshop and Lightroom. It was a special offer then did last month. Sorry you missed it

  • MarvinB7

    It sounds like we each made our choices based on our individual needs. For me it is financially wise. I wish Adobe would understand that not everyone wants/needs anything beyond PS/LR and make a permanent and affordable option for that mega sized user base.