Incredible Photos of Spectacular Volcanic Eruption in Chile, Lighting Storm Included


These images by Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni of the Cordón Caulle volcano erupting are so jaw-dropping and mind-blowing that we’re finding it hard to come up with appropriate adjectives. Billowing clouds of ash are joined by spiderwebs of Volcanic lightning to create a light show that truly drives home Mother Nature’s terrifying splendor.

This particular volcanic eruption began in June 2011, and Negroni was there with his trusty Nikon D300 to capture the action. Rather than continue to describe something that is much more enjoyable to browse through, we’ll get out of the way and let you feast your eyes on this natural wonder:










If you’d like to see more of Negroni’s work, you can visit his website, blog and 500px profile by following the corresponding links.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Francisco Negroni and used with permission.

  • Banan Tarr

    Pretty neat stuff!

  • David Liang


  • OtterMatt

    That’s nature. I can tell from the lack of pixels and from having seen a few natures in my time.

  • Sky

    O_O jawdropping.

  • A_Lwin

    Man vs. Nature, I place all my bets on Nature. :D

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Amazing, what a dream of photos.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    One does not simply walk into Mordor!

  • DaBrain

    Might want to check the headline for spelling PP.

  • NickGHK

    That’s OK – when you can’t think of adjectives, use ‘jaw-dropping’ and ‘mind-blowing’. Again.

  • Alejandro Schott

    This was 80 Km from my hometown in Osorno. Just to give you an idea of how big this eruption was, the ashes flew across the globe and came around to the volcano from the other side. All the airports where closed in the path of the ashes, even in Australia.

  • Mickey Maus

    Isn’t The Lord Jesus wonderful?

  • Pelwan Nine

    Impressive , it’s seems like sci-fi movies !

  • AmerizonWarrior

    glad you weren’t in the direct path of this gusher…those near this eruption prolly were scared out of their minds

  • jtrollla

    Boy! When God decides to show-off, nothing can beat Him.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Eh, this looks to be the work of Vulcan, the Roman god of Fire.

  • J

    Was that just god showing off when he buried a city full of people under lava & hot ash at Pompeii? And he’s playing to an empty theater on Jupiters moon Io.

  • harpotoo

    Godzilla rising:-)

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  • Mantis

    For creating natural disasters? Yeah, ok.
    If we’re still around when the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts, be sure to praise “The Lord Jesus” for doing that too.

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  • roxy545

    Behold the #1 cause of global warming. #2 wind pattern changes caused by solar/space and volcanic activity. The proof is in the ice cores.

  • Flicker

    I’ve been reading about the time of Peleg and the catastrophic tectonic activity that Job appears to say he (and therefore his friends) witnessed. And I’ve been trying to imagine what it was like to live in a world where catastrophes were commonplace, and now I see what Job must have seen.

  • jtrollla

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  • Boyahdoggie

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  • blond1too

    I do have to say, you’re right about Pompeii; it was extremely degenerate according to its history and the porn they found preserved on the walls. Similar to New Orleans I think….
    God’s judgments have power to strike fear into the bravest of foolish souls.

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  • Toronto Product Photographer

    It takes dedication. Being at the right place at the right time + guts. An eruption like that can get very nasty and dangerous.

  • treos

    got curious about that kind of stuff after a movie, pics 4-6 (from the top) look incredible but i definately wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that. awesome looking but WAY too dangerous :)