Financial Woes: Nikon Cuts Sales Forecast Again, Df Pre-Orders Supposedly Subpar


News coming down the Nikon financial pipeline isn’t good. Whether you’re talking about official financial forecasts that mirror what we saw recently from Canon or unofficial sales numbers that don’t look promising, the camera company may be coming up on some hard times.

First, the official news. You might remember that Canon recently cut its financial forecast significantly, and now it seems Nikon is following suit… well, following suit again. According to a report by Reuters, the company has its full year sales forecast for high end cameras for the second time in three months due to “a dramatic fall in demand among photography hobbyists.”

Nikon is also posting a 41 percent drop in operating profits for the six months that ended in September, and is predicting the first fall in sales of interchangeable lens cameras since the company sold its first DSLR in 1999.


But the bad news doesn’t stop there, it continues to roll with rumors of lackluster Df pre-sales published by Nikon Rumors. NR claims that unofficial info from several retailers has Df demand “not even close” to what D800 demand was when it came out.

To substantiate that claim, NR points out that the Df isn’t even in the top 20 best-selling DSLRs on Amazon, while the D610 (not exactly the most popular release Nikon has ever had, given all of the pissed off D600 users) is up at number 14.

So what do you think of all this dire financial news from the big two? Is this due to the ever-increasing ability of smartphones to take great pictures, or are Nikon and Canon doing something wrong? Let us know in the comments down below.

(via Reuters and Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Nikon Headquarters by Joe Shlabotnik

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    in other words…I wouldn’t want to be a “DF” and buy a DF

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    to address the article more directly…..the problem with Canon and Nikon is that they NEVER ask people what THEY want…they tell us what we want…it will never change

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    we want FULL FRAME sensors, Fast glass, light bodies, simple controls……at a price that isn’t higher than a used car

  • Mike Sudoma

    Ive used a d7000 for almost 2 years now and it is great! Ive done at least 25 paid jobs with it and am very pleased with its results. I just purchased a D300 with MB D10 battery grip for sports stuff (soccer, skateboarding, etc) and am very excited to see the results!

  • AR Camera Industry

    The writing is on the wall for Nikon. Not selling parts is seen as holding the purchaser over a barrel and making the camera a mere consumable as is grease in motor vehicles. They are trying to destroy the repair network which has evolved over the last century which is also seen as anti-recycling & wasteful. They should rethink it all before they too are wasted.

  • Rivo Ramamonjy

    I think Nikon (and Canon) make great and reliabe products but what is lacking to the 2 big is INNOVATION. In the old days the most innovative companies ware called Olympus and Minolta. Now Olympus and Pentax still survive because they continue to be bring new ideas to the market.

    I dont’t understand why Nikon ignores potentially high value models such as the highly awaited AF-S 300mm F4 VR, D700 and D300 equivalents, (and I would add the 400mm 5.6 AI-S replacement !!) Instead it produces useless (in my opinion) upgrades such as the 18-140mm DX, and crippled models such as DF (no video, low-end AF, no battery grip) and now the rumored Nikon 1 V3 without integrated viewfinder, an overpriced 55mm 1.4 and a cloned 50mm 1.8 just for fun.

    Maybe the future of Nikon is not to fight against smartphones but sell their technology to even improve smartphones image quality, and to boost their expert DSLR and expect optics offerings ?

  • Rivo Ramamonjy

    “Why push a camera like that when you can get the tripod / flash out”

    Do you shoot indoor sport photography at iso 100 and with a tripod ? Are you one of those who use their flash where it is forbidden (concert, museums, …) ?

  • Rivo Ramamonjy

    His point is that before Nikon has reached so impressive DR and noise performance, talented photographs simply never stopped producing fantastic images.