Fuji May Announce Entry-Level X-Series Mirrorless Camera with Tiny 2/3 Sensor

Update: It seems that this rumor was off base. The latest word is that there is indeed a 2/3 sensor coming, but it will appear in a new XS2 fixed lens camera. The upcoming entry-level X-Series camera will continue to feature a APS-C-sized sensor. That makes a lot more sense.


We’ve heard that Fujifilm is primed to make some camera announcements this summer, and according to Digicame-Info one of those announcements may be a new entry-level X-mount mirrorless camera. The camera is expected to be announced in the summer (possibly June, according to PhotoRumors) and made available in the fall for anywhere between $550 and $700.

But it’s not the price, release date, or even the existence of a potential entry-level mirrorless ILC from Fujifilm that has people talking. Instead, it’s the rumor that the camera will come to market sporting a tiny 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS sensor.

This wouldn’t be the first 2/3-inch X-Trans sensor to appear in the X-Series lineup, as the same sensor has already been released in the X20. However, the X20 is a fixed-lens camera, so this would be the first X-Series interchangeable-lens camera to feature the smaller sensor size.

To give you an idea of how that would look on an X-Mount, here’s a picture put together by Patrick over at Fuji Rumors:


As you can see, the sensor is significantly smaller than the APS-C sensor currently used by X-Series mirrorless cameras. The 2/3-sensor would have a crop factor of 3.6x, more than double the 1.5x crop factor of Fujifilm’s APS-C sensors.

This means Fujifilm’s 35mm XF lens would effectively be a 126mm lens when used on the new entry-level camera. The widest angle XF lens at the moment, the Fujifilm XF 14mm, would effectively be a 50mm lens.

For wider angles, Fujifilm will presumably want to release a new series of X-Mount-compatible lenses designed specifically for the 2/3 sensor size, assuming it does become a reality.

Whether or not the 2/3-inch sensor size actually materializes in the upcoming camera, the general consensus appears to be that an entry-level camera will indeed be announced sometime before summer turns to fall (along with some other tasty announcements as well).

(via Photo Rumors)

  • chubbs

    If true, this is just kinda weird. Not sure of the thought process behind this.

  • Andrei Nicoara

    I do not really get what the advantage of such a camera would be.

  • G

    This seems to dumb to be true, so it probably is. The current x-mount lenses would all be pretty expensive for this camera, and most at awkward focal lengths. Developing a cheaper x-series camera.. and then have to develop lenses specially for it sort of defeats the point.. it isn’t much of a system anymore.

  • G

    *too dumb…

  • Duke Shin



  • Z.T.

    It’s a smart idea, actually. Same mount can host different sensor sizes, and expands the usability of lenses. So one normal lens may become a telephoto lens, or a wide lens may become a normal lens. That is ways better than investing R&D into more and more megapixels of the large sensor required for cropping out. In theory, this should give people more incentive to buy into X-mount lenses because they become more versatile.

  • gabriel.s

    No objection if an X-E1 (and/or XPro-1) successor will also be announced simultaneously.

  • Sky

    ??? 2/3″? Why? 1″ is absolute minimum, but even that is ridiculous – I can’t see a point in having ILC camera with sensor smaller than m4/3.

    It’s like merging together disadvantages of DSLR with disadvantages of compact camera.

    Pointless, silly, dumb.

  • Ketchup

    Yeah, but it’s impossible to get a decent wide angle on it.

  • Josh

    Well, it happened with the very popular Pentax Q. Of course, they made a whole lens line for it.

  • Sky

    “Very popular” – thanks for the good laugh.

  • Richard Ford

    Seriously? This summer? I didn’t realise that the internet had seasons. It seems to be getting colder at the moment as autumn continues. You do know they have these things called Months and Day’s. They work along side of years and that clock thing. Makes it very easy to give an accurate account of a time/place no matter when read or by whom or where.

  • Jack

    Finally, someone has combined a tiny sensor with interchangable lenses. I’ve really been waiting for the quality of a compact without the hassle of a small pocketable body. Thanks, Fuji!

    — no one ever

  • junyo

    Already been done – the Pentax Q. Silly idea then, silly idea now.

  • Floris

    How is that funny? It has won or placed highly in quite a few consumer popularity polls.