Create a Gorgeous Hyperlapse Video with Google Street View Photographs

Hyperlapse photography involves shooting a series of photographs over large distances and then stringing the photos together into a time-lapse video that zooms the viewer through the locations. Creating a real hyperlapse involves quite a bit of work, so the folks over at Teehan+Lax Labs decided to go virtual by turning to Google Street View to source the necessary photos.

The gorgeous hyperlapse video above was created entirely using Google Street View photos, and shows the locations visited by the Street View camera van in a way that’s very different from what you see through your browser.

That’s not all, though. In addition to creating the video above, the team actually developed a web app that can let you easily make your own!

It’s called Google Street View Hyperlapse. All you need to do is pick two points on a map using an “A” and “B” marker.


Once you have the start and end points selected, simply hit the “Create” button to have your hyperlapse video generated!


To keep the server load low (which lets more people enjoy the app), the team decided to limit the online generator to 60 frames per animation. However, if you’d like to play around with the app more seriously, they’ve actually open sourced the whole thing on GitHub. As long as you’re a bit handy with code, you’ll be able to play around with higher frame rates, better image quality, and even introduce fancy camera movements to your hyperlapse!

Google Street View Hyperlapse (via Teehan+Lax Labs via Doobybrain)

  • Sarah Bugeja Kissaun

    The patience required must have been enormous!

    Beautiful lapse :)

  • lidocaineus

    Er, patience for what? Coding it? They didn’t take any photos. Not that this takes away from the cool visual factor, just wondering what you’re referring to.

  • Photog

    First creative thing done with google maps that I see done right

  • Arakris

    Very buzzy vid! excellent use of existing resources!

  • Hugo Cuellar Rodriguez

    This made my day :D

  • DafOwen

    I don’t like the output from the guy who takes screenshots of Google Streetview and claims them as his own art – but this is cool.
    Not totally keen on the rotating bits – make me feel a bit queasy ;)

  • Becca Gulliver

    That’s quite fun, had a quick play with it, shame the frame rate is so fast.

  • Mansgame

    So in other words, he stole picture that someone else took (ie. google) in order to show how creative he was. Sooooo creative.

  • Mansgame

    Exactly. Letting someone else do all the leg work while he gets the glory. I hope google sends him a nice DMCA takedown notice.

  • Jake

    There’s a massive movement in art called “found art” where the artist takes things that already exist and presents them in a novel way. I’d say that the arrangement, swirling cameras, and writing a software program that lets you recreate his style automatically validates this as a new piece of work. Besides, what is photography but taking pictures of things that already exist, but presenting them in a novel light?
    And anyway, I think Google has gotten plenty of “glory” for Street View already.

  • Bristol

    Is that really all you’ve gotten out of this? A “picture?”

  • johnk

    Seriously? You don’t think Google would be complete fans of this? Google, who’s the king of letting people extend their services into all sorts of things they’ve never thought of? It’s part of their culture.

  • lidocaineus

    To add on: they used Google’s own API for generating map / photo data specifically sanctioned by Google, and haven’t violated any of their terms of use.

  • Derek J. Kinsman

    As one of the developers on the project I’d just like to clarify one thing: we aren’t stealing Artwork. We are using Google’s own API to create this tool. Also, it is a tool. Not a piece of art. The video we created for it is a demo of what we were capable of producing using the tool that we built. We are also providing all the required attribution as per the terms of services.

  • marine321

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  • Mansgame

    Hey, stealing is stealing whether it’s a poor starving photographer or google. Go out and take your own pictures instead of leeching off other peoples’ work.

  • Mansgame

    You’re using the “they’re a big faceless corporation so it’s ok to steal from them” argument.

  • MansgamesRef

    And you’re using the “I’m an annoying d**che and I feel like standing on a soapbox and yelling the loudest to prove I’m right” argument. Stick a sock in it already. It is what it is, and your b*tching in the comments section of an internet article isn’t going to change it.

  • Derek J. Kinsman

    It’s not stealing if the license model allows for that kind of usage. Google is also fully attributed and they’re aware that the project exists.

  • Jake

    You’re the one who was worried about someone hogging Google’s glory. I was just saying that I don’t think that is really an issue here at all, since Google doesn’t make any money off this product anyway. But good job ignoring everything except my last sentence to make a counterpoint. I guess that’s the fool’s way of admitting he’s wrong.

  • Bristol

    How is this leeching? How does Google suffer at all? If anything, it’s symbiosis, not parasitism. It’s a free program with open license, Google allowed the project to happen, and this is a new, novel addition to a frame that Google built. I think you’re more offended by all this than Google is.

  • Doina

    I’m trying to understand the step from creating the hyperlapse in your browser to saving the image / video on your computer. How do you do that?

  • derekkinsman

    The ability to save images or video is a violation of Google’s terms of service. It’s a function we didn’t make include. However once the video is generated you can save the URL either to your own bookmarks or share the URL with friends/family.

  • GT

    Er, patience for aligning/stabilising the photos taken from Street View. Read their blog – took them 6 weeks to make the video.

  • MT

    But you made your own video using Google images – isn’t that a violation of the TOS?

  • lidocaineus

    Please post a link or quote, as there doesn’t seem to be anything like that presented on their website.