A Graph of New Camera Gear’s Perceived Worth Over Time


For several years now, my occupation has been to basically read everything written about new equipment. In order to help everyone save time, and to save the Internet millions of electrons, I have developed a concise method to summarize all such discussions for all newly introduced imaging equipment.

I modestly call this Roger’s Law of New Product Introduction and have summarized it in the graph above. You will notice there are two possible paths a new product may follow. To date, these two paths accurately describe every introduced product.

It is possible, depending upon which forums you visit, that a product follows both paths simultaneously – for example a new Canon camera will often follow path A on a Canon board, while following path B on a Nikon board. I suggest we refer to this as The Fanboy Uncertainty Principle.


In theory, there is at least a third possible path, where a new product is perceived logically from the moment of its introduction. However, that path can be demonstrated mathematically to exist only in higher order dimensions and therefore remains invisible in the three-dimensional world of photography forums.
It is possible that other paths exist, but I leave descriptions of these to persons more versed in theoretical mathematics than I. We do, of course, welcome such theoretical contributions in the comments section.

While the implications of this work remain largely theoretical, it does have some practical purpose. Now you can simply copy this graph, mark it with an arrow and the statement You Are Here, and post it instead of having to write paragraphs of verbiage.

About the author: Roger Cicala is the founder of LensRentals. This article was originally published here.

  • Demian Linn

    I move that the Fanboy Uncertainty Principle be renamed the Fanboy Certainty Principle, but otherwise approved.

  • shaa


  • Ondrej Vranka

    Theres an another mathematicaly approvable method practiced by me since years. its about probability:

    The chance a comment on any kind of forum or “independent” review being set up these days is 50:50. Especially in the “alpha” stage. Writing faked reviews is a part of marketing today. Therefore I always read both “forums”. And, guess what: you end up in the middle unless you prove it by your self… but than you’ve spent some value at it already (time, money… whatever).

  • Marry Root

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  • Syuaip

    I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of the third path, which this margin is too narrow to contain.