Gorgeous Infrared Landscapes With Trees of Gold and Silver

If you want to enjoy some eye-popping infrared landscape photographs, look no further than the portfolio of French photographer David Keochkerian. He photographs gorgeous landscapes using an infrared sensitive camera, which causes the green tree leaves to show up as golden yellow and silvery white, and turning spring into fall and winter.

Keochkerian shoots the photographs using a Nikon D700 and a wide angle lens.

You can find more of Keochkerian’s work (including plenty of non-infrared photos) on his Flickr and 500px pages.

(via Colossal)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Phil!

Image credits: Photographs by David Keochkerian and used with permission

  • Anthony Harrison

    So surreal

  • Matt

    As an aside, if you have an ‘old’ digital camera, whether point & shoot or DSLR, you can readily convert it to handling the IR spectrum with a $100 IR filter and a set of screwdrivers. I found instructions after a quick web search, and the process of removing the ‘hot IR’ filter took about 20 minutes and steady hands. If you have one you don’t plan to use and don’t mind making un-sellable, consider hardhacking it.

  • Mike Smith

    Beautiful. I have been thinking of having my old DLSR converted to shoot IR by Lifepixel, but was never sure which filter to get. This may help me to finally make up my mind.

  • Miguel

    Muy bueno !!! Gracias !!!!

  • John Adkins

    My old Nikon D70 will shoot terrific infrareds with nothing more than a R72 Infrared filter and a custom white balance, no modifications to the camera required.


    yeah but with the r72 filter you need to use a tripod.