Paparazzo Light is an Old School Press Camera “Flash” for the iPhone

How’s this for a strange camera accessory: the Paparazzo Light is a lighting attachment for iPhones that mimics the look of vintage press camera flashes (yes, the kind the original Lightsaber was made from). The light comes from a 300 Lumen LED that’s powered by two dedicated CR 123 batteries, and three modes offer different brightness settings for photos and videos.

Here’s a video introducing the product (via ISO 1200)

The team is currently attempting to raise $50,000 through Kickstarter. Pledge $45 towards the project and you’ll receive one of the first units.

Paparazzo Light (via Photojojo)

  • Stewart Doyle

    Might be worth getting one if they are cheap, would make a decent lightsaber.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Haters gonna hate. I think this is a lot of fun.

  • gabe sturdevant

    I get one of the first units which will have a ton of bugs and will never work just right. I hope that the guy shooting a wedding with the iphone has a really good contract.

  • CassadraW

    Today in our series: “how to push the boundaries of looking like a total moron”.
    Sad that a PHOTOGRAPHY blog has about 1/4 of its entries dealing with smart phones…

  • Jake

    It’s a “Paparazzo Light.” Paparazzi photogrpahers already look like total morons.
    But I have to take issue with your exclusion of camera phones from “photography.” Welcome to the 21st century, buddy.

  • Sean Teegarden

    I wish they had examples of the lighting quality on their page. It’s a cool looking object but if it doesn’t function well (i.e. crappy lighting) form means nothing

  • Judith

    Or you can use that Canon G12 you have now – and be a lot less conspicuous!
    Plus you’d save $60 doing that.

  • Judith

    Saw only two journalists – and they weren’t photojournalists – at the John Edwards trial taking photos with smartphones. All the photojournalists there used dSLRs – most all Canon – some supplementing them with pole-mounted “helmet cameras” as the poor person’s “news helicopter.”

  • Tim Rogers

    What a hideous video! Are you aiming for the hipster/beautiful people market?