Inside a Paparazzo’s Photography Bag: Cameras, Lenses and Pepper Spray

It’s safe to say that paparazzi aren’t exactly adored in most photography circles. Given the comments we typically get on most paparazzi stories, you could say they’re loathed. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fascinate us all the same.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a paparazzo’s photography bag (or bags), today’s your lucky day. In this video, paparazzo Henry Flores took the time to show Photoinduced what you’ll find in his.

It’s an older video, but things probably haven’t changed much over the years. In some respects, it’s no different from what you might find in any photojournalist’s bag: a few different lenses and bodies for capturing the right moment from the right focal length. But there are a few odd items you probably won’t find outside a paparazzo’s bag.

For example, two different brands of pepper spray can be found in an easily accessible pocket of one of Flores’ bags. These, apparently, are for protection from the occasional angry superfan.

Inside a Paparazzo’s camera bag [YouTube via Reddit]