Nikon Camera Control: An Open Source App for Remote DSLR Control

Nikon shooters: Nikon Camera Control is a new open source Windows application that lets you remotely control your Nikon DSLR using a PC and a USB cable. Features include tethering, remote control over camera’s basic settings, remote shutter triggering, an intervalometer for time-lapses, and fullscreen review.

Nikon Camera Control (via Nikon Rumors)

  • gabe sturdevant

    Bout time. Go Nikon

  • Gary

    so… is this just for windows?  Awwwww maaaaaaaaaan!

  • Frank Monaldo

    For a Mac, similar functionality comes from the following app (I believe free): sofortbild. It is in the Mac app store. The web site is, but may find it more convenient to download from the App store.

  • Pbradley

    Would not work on my pc – removed it.

  • Indi

    it is not an app, it is an application!!!

  • Chris

    You’re a real genius, aren’t you? What do you think “app” means? It’s short for “application”!

  • im not a pedant

    that’s not a pram it is a perambulator

  • pauly99

    So this would be available on the Nikon D5100?

  • Thor

    Do you have any clue what an App is vs. an application? They are not the same thing on all operating systems.