Protect and Dress Up Your Camera Gear with Carbon Fiber Vinyl Decals

Want to protect your gear from dings and scratches while customizing its look? Try using some carbon fiber vinyl film — the kind designed for cars. When you’re done with the application, you can also use some acrylic spray to make the “carbon fiber” look nice and shiny.

Show Your Lens Some Love By Making It A Carbon Fiber Hood [DYIP]

  • Mitchell Camps

    I’ll have to do this. I’m currently sitting in a sign shop and I have some Carbon Fiber vinyl lying around me. Should look good!

  • Markus Wolpert

    This gives the phrase “Work with your equipment” a whole new meaning :)

  • jdm8

    If you intend to clear coat it and you want the look to stay mostly the same, I would test a sample piece first.  My dad has some film like this, and the film he bought won’t take a clear coat very well, it almost erases the carbon fiber look, making it a much darker black.

  • Ralph Hightower

    This is too cool! It’ll make my Spiratone 400mm f6.3 lens look expensive!

  • Dave

     That guy that didn’t understand the “paint a red stripe around your Canon kit lens” post will be on here complaining in 3…2…1…

  • Romanium


  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    Make sure to get the 3m Dinoc material, it is the only material that will actually wrap around complex curves.  Ive done this in the past as a form of chip protection because I think it looks a whole lot better than gaffer tape.  Plus I think currently my d3s is shooting at around 16fps at 40mp so the vinyl definitely helps in that regard too.  

  • miklos

    Why stop there? Try adding a few rhinestones for a bling-y look.. or! and I heard this is great: paper mache the entire camera body… nobody around will have a camera like you.

  • Mitchell Camps

    Actually 3M controltac is the best. It starts out as a liquid as suppose to other vinyls. We just did the front end of a PT Cruiser in one piece of vinyl. Trust me, that was hard. It took that vinyl to its limit.

  • Sightness

    Yes. Me too going to get that thing working. 

    And Fellows check this cool thing. 

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    I’m not well versed in the different types of vinyl but had great experience with the di-noc cf stuff from 3m. Thanks for your advice though!

  • Sam Carrot

    I bet that cost an absolute fortune!