Samsung’s Idea of “Retro”: A Silver-Colored Top Plate

Fujifilm and Olympus have been hard at work lately bringing the beauty of film cameras to the world of digital. Perhaps sensing a new trend, Samsung wants in: the company is planning to release a “retro” mirrorless camera of its own. Sadly, it’s effort pales in comparison to what the other manufacturers are doing. Rather than imitate rangefinder cameras (e.g. Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the Leica M9) or resurrect old film SLR designs (e.g. the Olympus OM-D), Samsung has seemingly decided that retro camera designs can be boiled down to one thing: silver-colored top plates. This Saturday, Samsung will be announcing a “retro” version of the NX200 called the NX200 RS. The only thing that differs from the standard model is a silver top plate.

(via DaNaWa via Sammy Hub via Photo Rumors)

  • Awakening April

    oh please…

  • Anonymous

    Oh, how this takes me back to…wait, what?

  • Adam

    It’s not exactly like Samsung is the first name that springs to mind when you think “quality photographic device” anyway.

  • Kyle

    Someone at Samsung deserves to be fired.. out of a canon.. into the sun.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    “retro” is the new “green”

  • Nuy

    The Samsung cameras are as wanna-be to Leicas as Korean cars are to European models.

  • Carlos


  • vladimir byazrov

    Saying Retro Samsung refers to 90s LOl

  • Rob-L

    Swing and a miss!

  • Anonymous

    Fail. What a waste of effort.

  • Travis

    Some people get it, some people just don’t.

  • ArcherFish

    I actually think it looks nice. Hardly retro, but if it was offered as a colour option when they were released, I’d have it in silver, thanks.

  • will hall

    Never point your Canon directly at the sun

  • Johnny77

    Excitement gone… I was looking forward to the retro camera Samsung has been working on, but this is just plain ugly. Better luck next time Samsung.

  • Tyler Olson

    nice observation.  a silver top place is a sorry excuse for a ‘retro’ camera