Olympus Set to Announce Retro OM-styled Micro Four Thirds Camera

There might be a giant corporate scandal hovering over its head, but that’s not stopping Olympus from planning big things for its digital camera lineup. The company has placed a giant full page advertisement in Amateur Photographer magazine with the headline “OH MY GOODNESS!”. 43 Rumors is reporting that the company will be announcing a new Micro Four Thirds camera around February 8th that’s part of the 40-year-old OM camera lineup — in other words, a digital mirrorless camera that’s beautifully retro-styled. A trademark application filed on January 3rd indicates that camera will be called the Olympus OM-D (D as in digital). Watch out Fujifilm: Olympus is coming for you!

(via 43 Rumors)

Image credit: Olympus OM-1n by Attila con la cámara

  • vladimir byazrov

    Micro Four Thirds My Ass. Nobody wants
    this dead-born technology. 
    Fuji, Sony and soon Canon, don’t worry. Mirrorless rules.

  • koolaid

    ok.. i enjoy the fuji x100 series alot and all. but i think this whole “retro styling” camera thing is getting out of hand. 

  • freeboprich

    I’ve been wanting an OM rebirth for some time, the PEN wasn’t for me, but then neither is 4:3 – the OM needs to be a compact/mirrorless APS/full-frame or it’s a waste of space.

  • Simon wardenier

    All I -and probably many others- want, is a compact camera with hardware/manual dials to set aperture and shutterspeed. That is personally why I like the Fuji x100, quite a shame that it carries this price. I would love to see a low budget (compact/mirrorless) camera that offers this. For me it would mean that I have full creative control of my camera again (like when using a compact film SLR of a DSLR) without having to go trough the process of developping/waiting. For me, that would be the ultimate pocketable alternative to bringing along my DSLR.

  • Jason uoft

    Nikon FM/FE mirror less digital version. I m just wishing…

  • Geauxpez

    It would bee cool to see it.  I LOVED the design of my OM2n with the aperture control as a ring near the front element of the lens and the shutter speed control around the lens mount.  After cutting my teeth on that, other designs with the controls on top didn’t make sense.

  • Wks28065

    I almost ended buying 4/3 camera. Then came Nikon 1 with the FT-1 adapter changes how I want my small sensor camera to be. I can actually do the auto exposure and auto focus with my SLR camera lens. It is something that the Nikon marketing people done a good job for the Nikon users.

  • erc

     “I can actually do the auto exposure and auto focus with my SLR camera lens.”

    Excuse me, but that makes no sense.

  • Wks28065

    Sorry I didn’t mention I am a Nikon SLR user with all the current SLR lens in hand. Actually all the Nikon SLR lens can auto focus and auto exposure with the FT-1 adapter. So it makes no sense in buy 4/3 when there is more options to play with the current Nikon 1.

  • Fenil

    Oh, and what is your fisheye, 17mm, 21mm, f1.4/24mm (fullframe equivalent) lens?
    Oh, there arent any yet?
    I thought the same.

  • Bob

    I love to see it as a start for a new market…
    Juste dreaming about FM2/F3 with a D3s sensor…
    Keep dreaming !!

  • Trevor Sherwin

    Oh great I can use lenses that weren’t designed to work with a digital sensor. Oh and yes my 50m has the FOV of a 100mm lens. Fantastic. Lets not forget that I can use a super small sensor that blows in low light and i get infinite DOF. 4/3’s… Nice concept not so great in practice,.

  • Anonymous

    The sensor/format discussion happens time and time again. From large format such as 8×10 down to 4×5 then medium format, then 35mm to digital to APS-C to 4/3s. The arguments are similar, DOF, FOV, etc… What happens in reality is things change, people adapt and the newer technology usually becomes commonplace. There’s always a place for the older technology but it won’t be the norm. 

    Yes, the 50mm acts like a 100mm. Congrats, you now own a portrait lens with the same 1.8 f-stop. 4/3 sensors are not as good in low light as a full frame Nikon D4 or Canon 1DX. Yet. They’ll get there. 

    For those of us who like the retro styled cameras with knobs and lenses with f-stop rings, this should be a fun camera to use. For others, there are dozens, nay hundreds of other cameras for you to choose from. 

    Different tools for different uses and different tastes. Me? I’ll take em all. I use 4×5, 6×6, 6×7, 645, 35mm, APS-C, 4/3, point & shoot, iPhone. Whatever I feel works best for the shoot and fits my mood for the day. I’ll be looking forward to see what the actual announcement is and look forward to some fun new cameras. 

  • Travis R Johnson

    I wish Nikon would bring back the F4s body in digital.