Blurry Leaked Picture Supposedly Shows Fujifilm LX Sensor

This photo published by Chinese site xjrumo may be the first to show the APS-C sensor found in Fujifilm’s upcoming sleek mirrorless camera. The sensor is rumored to be a revolutionary organic sensor that will allow its performance to rival that of larger full frame sensors.

Fuji Sensor APS-C (via Photo Rumors)

  • M. Federico

    …and that’s superblurred. Yay.

  • Alan Dove

    You’d think the Fuji employees who keep leaking these photos would know how to take a decent macro shot.

  • Intrpl

    And so ‘effin’ what?! Who cares? Why are you posting this rubbish?!

  • Brick Yang is a Chinese website, not Japanese

  • Michael Zhang


  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    hopefully they werent taken with the fujifilm lx….

  • markac

    Whilst a “revolutionary organic sensor” that’s APS-C sized might rival an FF sensor, make a revolutionary organic FF sensor and what do you get?