Does the Canon 1D X Signal the End of the Megapixel Race?

Nikon says the megapixel race ended years ago, but its upcoming camera is rumored to be a 36MP beast. Canon, on the other hand, actually took a step backward in terms of megapixels, dropping from 21 in the 1Ds Mark III to 18 in the new 1D X. However, the company states that camera’s resolution is by no means worse than the 1Ds Mark III, despite what marketers want you to believe. A representative recently spoke to Amateur Photographer, saying:

We have designed the Canon CMOS sensor for the EOS 1DX so that it is much thinner than before and so that the photodiodes are closer to the surface of the sensor. This way the pixels collect more light and produce a better, clearer, signal.

With less noise, and our new improved processing algorithms, the camera is able to reproduce more detail. While using MFT is perhaps not the best way to measure the resolution of the camera, if you did use this method the results for the EOS-1D X and EOS-1 Ds Mark III would be very similar.

The 1D X also has a mirror that utilizes mechanical movement both ways rather than gravity, allowing for faster frame rates while at the same time reducing mirror bounce.

Canon EOS-1D X Equals ’21MP’ DSLR, Claims Firm [Amateur Photographer]

  • Anonymous

    No-one told Sony then. I wish the a77 / NEX7 was 16MP.

  • Matt

    I like more mega pixels, but there are a lot of other factors that are becoming more important.  I like the advances that they claim, I’d love less noise and higher ISOs.  There are a lot more inovations to come, can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • Anonymous

    desmodromic mirror box!

    looking forward to seeing some raw samples.

  • 8fps

    Cartier-Bresson said that ‘Sharpness is a bourgeois concept’. Yep, its for those that have nothing else. 

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    I can’t help but to feel like its almost a cop out for Canon… Unless the noise levels are ridiculously better at high iso’s, I feel like they should have tried to improve their low light capabilities without having to cut down on the MP. 

    It would be like Toyota reducing the size of the Camry to that of the Corolla, and then claim it has the best MPG for any Camry ever produced… The benefits come from the reduction in size, not from the innovation of new technologies and such. 

    Anyway, my prediction is that the new “MP Race” is going to be the Frame rate race!! Come on Nikon, give us 14fps RAW w/o MLU!!! :)

  • Ruth


  • John Robert Williams

    I use a 1Dx every day….if you don’t make your living with one and you are “bench racing” (don’t own the camera) you have no clue as to how sharp, clear, contrasty and sensitive this camera is. There is nothing better. And it weighs less that the 1Ds. Kudos to Canon for making utterly the best photographic tool that has ever existed. It just plain works and the images I make go 70 FEET wide.