Canon 1Ds and 400mm f/4 DO IS Lens Sliced Down the Middle

Leica and Sony aren’t the only camera companies that slice their cameras and lenses down the middle to give the world a peek at their guts — Canon does it too. On the first floor of one of its headquarter buildings in Japan is a small museum that has a cross-sectioned Canon 1Ds DSLR and 400mm f/4 DO IS USM lens on display. Back in the day, the camera had a price of $5,500 and the lens cost $8,900, meaning Canon sliced nearly $15,000 of gear in half for this display.

I wonder how much this thing would sell for if it were listed on eBay.

(via Popular Photography)

Image credit: Photographs by Popular Photography and used with permission

  • PhotographyByDepuhl

     It would sell for about 1/2 of $15K :)

  • Paul Van

     If they sliced it in half, shouldn’t they have two?

  • Andre

     They probably took a lens and a body that didn’t pass the QC inspection… :-)

  • Guest

    A semicircle lens would produce an interesting bokeh.

  • chris costello

    very Damien Hurst!

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice, but I don’t know what this practice proves.

  • Douglas

    I think it is just neat to see the visible complexity of the inner-workings.  It is in a museum after all.  It is a lens diagram brought to life. :)  My guess is that they didn’t take a working pair to make this but rather used a combination that didn’t pass inspection.

  • Winston Gee

    Cool! a new micro 4/3 camera! :P

  • Winston Gee

    Cool! a new micro 4/3 camera! :P

  • Jai Grieve

    Where’s the other half?

  • Nyk

    You are referring to the selling price, i’m sure cost price is not even half :)

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