Exploding Polaroid OneStep Land Camera

Photography studio StaudingerFranke created this mind-boggling image of a Polaroid OneStep Land Camera exploding into pieces. Reminds us of Todd McLellan and his exploding Pentax Spotmatic F photograph.

(via Flavorwire)

Image credit: Photograph by StaudingerFranke and used with permission

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  • Santa Galimgereyeva

     why…I could have taken it. Adopt it. Anything.

  • Chris

     Very nice 3D render :-)

  • USSRPhoto

     I wish this was available as high-res wallpaper… :(

  • Henrik Carlsson

     Well you could go to the website and printscreen it when showing in fullscreen mode :)

  • USSRPhoto

    Oh I didn’t notice that nifty full screen link, thanks!