This LEGO OneStep Instant Camera Can Eject a Tiny Polaroid Picture


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-based photographer Chris McVeigh is incredibly good at building camera replicas with LEGO pieces. Last month we featured his LEGO recreation of the Leico M9-P Hermes rangefinder camera.

Now McVeigh (who goes by the name “Powerpig” online), is back with a beautiful new camera creation. This time he has built a Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Rainbow instant camera.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a photograph of the actual camera:


McVeigh’s toy OneStep consists of 99 separate LEGO pieces, and measures 2.5×2.25×3”. The iconic stripe down the middle of the camera’s frontside is actually a simple decal applied after the camera was built.

Why didn’t he build the rainbow stripe entirely out of LEGO? Because he included a user-powered instant photo ejection feature into the LEGO replica:

An animated GIF showing how the LEGO camera can spit out an instant photo
An animated GIF showing how the LEGO camera can spit out an instant photo

As with the LEGO Leica M9-P, McVeigh is putting this LEGO Polaroid camera up for sale as a custom LEGO camera building kit. The 99 piece set ships in a sturdy cardboard box, includes decorative details and the film ejection feature, and is available from the Powerpig StoreEnvy store for $37.50.

Build instructions for the camera will also be published soon on McVeigh’s personal website, so you can follow along with your own pieces if you’d rather not buy the pre-gathered kit.

Image credits: Header photo and animated GIF by Chris McVeigh, Polaroid Land Camera One-Step SX-70 by blamethecrane