DIY Ring Flash Created with Fiber Optics

No, this isn’t some advanced beam weapon from a sci-fi flick. It’s actually a do-it-yourself ring flash created using 150 optical fibers, with one end wrapped over the pop-up flash of the DSLR and the other end spitting out the photons in a ring-shape. If you want to learn how to make your own, here’s an in-depth writeup on how this was constructed.

  • Dennis Strickland


  • pamp

    great idea!

  • Pee Rei

    Results pls? Im curious about the images this produces.

  • RussOniPhone

    That about the lamest thing I ever seen on top of a Nikon, pull that out in front of some hot model and she would leave the room : )

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  • Julythe4th

    Why bother? You can get a o-flash for 20 bucks!