Sony Overtakes Nikon in Interchangeable Lens Cameras in the UK

The camera market may look vastly different in the future than the Canon and Nikon dominated one we see today if recent trends continue. Amateur Photographer is reporting that the combined share of Canon and Nikon dropped a whopping 11% in Japan through 2010, and is currently at 60.4%. What’s more, Sony has increased its share to 15.2%, and has in fact overtaken Nikon in the UK, capturing 25% of interchangeable cameras sold compared to Nikon’s 20%.

Sony received a lot of attention in recent months for its innovation, launching the world’s first translucent mirror DSLRs and the NEX line of EVIL cameras. Canon and Nikon have yet to enter the EVIL market, though Nikon is rumored to have a pro-level mirrorless camera ready by April.

  • lloyd

    a crappy camera company took over another crappy camera company. STOP THE PRESSES!

  • Chris

    I believe both camera manufacturers make excellent cameras. Either way, both camera makers produce cameras that “most people” may not be able to use to their full potential ;-) User error doesn’t make a camera bad.

  • Anon
  • Dominick Delli Paoli

    Again another misinformed PP thread. This is a very small sample size and only shows the month of December, here comes all the drones who copy and paste PP articles on their twitter