Stewie Griffin’s Take on Photography

Stewie Griffin from Family Guy shares his thoughts on photography. Agree?

  • Jack Kennedy

    This reminds me of all ‘popular’ girls I know (I’m a 15 year old lad by the way, and think they are a disgrace to genuine enthusiasts and pros)

  • No

    Family Guy should have stayed canceled. Not funny.

  • Tyler Rogers

    And girls, stop tilting the damn camera all the time.
    It makes people want to puke, not look at more of your photos.

  • Cas

    better than shooting out of focus babies and weddings

  • LeDor

    Uhhh I agree and always loved this clip. But after thinking longer about it just now, I have to amend what Stewie said. I have seen and known hot girls, ugly girls, inbetween girls, hot guys, ugly guys, inbetween guys, 3 YEAR OLD BABIES all call themselves photographers.

  • Slipdisc

    I thought of Lisa Bettany when I saw this.

  • Michele

    It’s not like he takes on photography!
    He takes on a certain group that call themselves photographers after making crap-shots like those and thinking they’re so deep or whatever…
    I perfectly agree, exactly my thought. Thumbs up, Stewie!

  • Michael

    Should have been “…black-and-white pictures of their feet at the beach…”