Using an Experimental Crane for Time-Lapse Photography

Tom Lowe of Timescapes creates amazing time-lapse videos that we’ve featured here before, so it was interesting to come across the above behind-the-scenes video showing how he uses an experimental crane Kessler Cranes created. The video shows the crane in action, and then the footage from the camera mounted on the crane.

Who knew a 40-second-long behind-the-scenes video could be so epic?

(via f stoppers)

  • Montagon


  • Sascha

    If you like that, I highly recommend the time lapse scenes of Mayan pyramids in Baraka:

  • seegullmedia

    This is a great behind the scenes look at how some great time-lapse videos are done. I was not super impressed with the time-lapse itself, though. There was nothing apparently “fast” about it. It could have been shot with a regular video camera in regular time.

  • Andrew Ng

    seegullmedia, same here, it looked like there wasn’t much “time” in the time-lapse.

    I’d recommend checking out other works by the artist: some of the pieces are very impressive.