Sharp Unveils First 3D HD Camera for Cell Phones and Digicams

Gosh, and we though having HD video on a cell phone was enough. Sharp has just announced the world’s first 3D HD camera designed for cell phones and point-and-shoot cameras. This thing is capable of filming 3D footage at 720p, and will see mass production starting in 2010.

Before long we’ll be picture and video messaging one another in 3D. Hopefully it won’t require special glasses.

  • QuBe

    Even with a tunneling electron microscope, you wouldn't be able to locate a particle of interest within me for 3D imaging.
    Maybe I'm a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to this, but I'm content for media to maintain a distinction from reality, rather than strive to duplicate it 3rd dimensionally. That and the fact that I can scarcely imagine ever getting bored with what can be done with 2D photography and video.

  • ProGear Photographic

    I thought for a moment this was a continuation of your 'Toy Camera' post. The noise levels at 720p from such a tiny little mite of a sensor(s) must be shocking!

  • Travis-Films-Photos

    Old post – but I thought I’d leave an update. I had an HTC Evo V same as Evo 3d. It had a dual camera 3d setup with an integrated 3d screen (no glasses). It was super cool except for the fact you couldn’t send the 3d photo to anyone because nobody could view it in 3d. Hence – market adoption rather than technology was the ultimate demise in my situation. I’ve since upgraded to a newer and better phone that takes way better photos albeit not 3d.