2010 Webby Award Nominees for Best Use of Photography

This year’s nominees have just been announced for the 14th annual Webby Awards, and one of the nearly 70 categories is “Best Use of Photography“.

These are websites that showcase photography rather than websites about photography. The Webby Awards don’t have an award for that (yet).

Here are the five nominees this year:

It’s interesting to note that all of the nominees are flash-based websites that use dark gray or black backgrounds.

  • yoshi

    “The are websites” …wat

  • Michael Zhang

    These*. Thanks for the catch! =)

  • John Borys

    THE ECONOMIST THINKING SPACE by ABBOTT MEAD VICKERS BBDO Nice stuff. In contrast to my earlier comment on Hiroshi SEO, this single flash element reloads well and the 3D to 2D transitions are very cool. I would have hit the connection between 3D and 2D thinking? The ability to think outside the traditional structures, etc. The use of B/W images works for strengthening the reality of the image. That is why B/W is so strong. It's communicates “real.”
    Remember all the hungry kids we see in print ads in 3rd World countries? In color, they don't just have the impact. Good use of flash to strengthen and support creative concept.

  • John Borys

    The Image Collection by the National Geographic Society. Hummm. First time to see a yogurt ad while navigating to a landing page?? (see what happens before you get to the B/W section of images) …. Bailed out after that. Somebody is getting way to creative on selling ad space here… I am sure I am not the only one to get turned off, hell I'm in the ad biz. This isn't UTube.

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