Old School Paparazzi Photograph

Here’s a photograph of paparazzi taken back in 1932. Looks like some things never change (paparazzi), while others do (check out those beastly cameras!).

Image credit: Photograph from the Wikimedia Commons.

  • DeeLucas

    I dunno…those cameras look almost as big as a 1D!

  • Nobo

    Well, unfortunately the outfit changed :(

  • david e

    HUGE negatives! Probably made up for the lack of a close lens…

  • Christopher McIntosh

    A lot more than 18 megapixels…

  • BethPC

    They seem so much more civilized than today's paparazzi, but then again, that could just be the suits.

  • brian

    the guy on the far right is chimpin'

  • elisabethrobson

    They're dressed a lot better than they dress today too!