Yongnuo Unveils YN200 Godox Clone and YN560-TX PRO Radio Transmitter

After teasing releasing teasers for the YN200 pocket flash and YN560-TX radio transmitter last month, Yongnuo officially revealed the Godox AD200 clone and the TTL and HSS compatible transmitter this week, hoping to reclaim a bit of the budget gear market that Godox has all but taken over.

Hands On: Godox’s Xpro Transmitter Raises the Bar

The Godox X series has become very popular over the last two years as strobists enjoy the vast functionality, portability, and low prices. This includes speedlights such as the TT685 and V860II, hybrid strobes such as the AD200 and AD360II, and portable monolights like the AD600.

This is How Press Photos Were Transmitted Back in the 1970s

In our world of digital photography and high speed Internet, photojournalists can quickly and easily send large numbers of high-res photos to the other side of the globe. Things weren't always so convenient.

The video above shows what a photo transmitter looked like back in the 1970s. What you see is a United Press International UPI Model 16-S, which scanned photos and then transmitted them using a telephone line.