Phottix Laso: A Flash Triggering System That Supports Canon RT


Phottix today launched its new Phottix Laso flash triggering system that lets Canon photographers control and trigger Canon RT radio flashes as well as non-radio Canon flashes mounted on Laso Receivers.

The Laso Transmitter can be used to control and trigger up to 15 Canon flash units arranged in up to 5 groups. Supported flash modes include E-TTL and E-TTL II, Manual, MULTI, Ext.A, and Linked Shooting. There are also 1st curtain and high-speed sync options.



On the receiving side, the Laso Receiver can be used for Canon’s non-radio ETTL flashes. It can be controlled and triggered from both the Laso Transmitter and Canon’s official flashes and transmitters. The receiver can also be used with studio lights for a mix of hot shoe flashes and studio lighting in your shoot.


Both the Transmitter and the Receiver use the 2.4GHz frequency band, have a range of up to 328 feet, and support flash exposure bracketing and compensation from +/- 3EV in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.

Here’s a quick 4-minute introduction to the Laso system:

The Phottix Laso Flash Trigger System will be available starting on September 24th. The Laso Transmitter has a price tag of $160, and the Laso Receivers cost $100 each. By comparison, Canon’s official ST-E3-RT transmitter costs about $260.