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PocketWizard Launches PlusX: An Entry-Level, Auto-Sensing $99 Radio Trigger



PocketWizard has just added an affordable entry-level radio trigger to its Plus lineup that will hit shelves with a price tag under $100. It’s the PlusX, an “Auto-Sensing Transceiver” that will allow photo enthusiasts to jump into the world of off-camera flash and remote camera triggering without breaking the bank.


The PlusX has 10 channels, a range of 1600 feet, and, as its name suggests, comes with a patented “Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology.” This special power allows the device to intelligently switch between transmit and receive modes (you can also set it to a transmit-only mode when you need to).


All a photographer needs to do is turn it on, connect it to a flash/camera, and then set the device’s channel using the rotary-dial on the side (the channel number is shown on a backlit screen above the dial). The trigger can take care of everything else.

PocketWizard’s Auto-Sensing Transceiver technology lets users trigger a remote camera in sync with remote flashes using only three PocketWizard radios: the one in their hands, a PlusX cabled to a remote camera, and the one connected to a remote flash. The PlusX cabled to a remote camera will receive a radio signal and trigger the camera’s motor drive, then switch to transmit mode and trigger PocketWizard-connected remote flashes, all automatically.

The PlusX plays nicely with all the other transmitters and receivers in PocketWizard’s stable, as well as PocketWizard enabled gear from third parties that have added the feature to their devices.

Here’s a video introducing the new PlusX:

The PocketWizard PlusX costs $99, and is already available from a camera retailer near you.

P.S. David Hobby has a great first-look of the PlusX over at Strobist.