This Tiny UV Camera Shows You if You’ve Put On Enough Sunscreen

In 2014, filmmaker Tom Leveritt used an ultraviolet camera to show people their skin like they'd never seen it before. Now, you can do the same thing with the Sunscreenr: a tiny, waterproof UV camera that is meant to keep you slathering on sunscreen by showing you when you've used enough and where it's worn off.

New Camera Tech Combines Ultra-Wide View with Fine Detail Capture

Researchers at the University of California-San Diego are fine-tuning some new tiny camera technology that could dramatically boost the detail and field of view of smartphone cameras. Joseph Ford, a professor in the university's Jacob School of Engineering, describes the system in a paper to be presented next week at the Optical Society of America's annual meeting.

According to Ford, his team will soon have the system -- seen above next to a Canon 5D Mark III setup -- refined to a camera assembly with 85-megapixel resolution, 120-degree field of view and f/2 aperture, all in a package about the size of a walnut.